UEE in Orange

UEE Heart Wallpaper Soju Cool( Source )

Apologies to those readers that have come to expect more serious posts on this blog, but I thought that this was an exceptionally cute picture of UEE (유이)!

Yes, even I need to let my hair down on occasion. And of course I’m well aware that it’s part and parcel of Lotte’s marketing of its new Cheoum Cheoreom Cool (처음처럼 쿨) brand of soju to women, which strangely uses the sexual availability of, well, women as its main theme, and that both it and others in the series have been extensively photoshopped. Despite her resulting rather alien-looking legs though, I think she looks simply incredible in the orange top, and hope it becomes fashionable.

Have any Korea-based readers seen it in real life yet?


4 thoughts on “UEE in Orange

  1. Re:the alien-looking legs.

    For someone whose legs/thighs were so appealing to inspire the controversial phrase 꿀벅지, that’s a lot of PS going on there. Regardless of any perceived “need” to touch up an image, it really just is the norm du jour, isn’t it?

    • In fairness, both this image and all the others I link to were not actual ads but simply for computer desktops. I definitely agree that the photoshopping was unnecessary and excessive though, both here and in Korean advertising in general!

  2. The photo editor isn’t entirely to blame for Uee’s funny-looking legs. Judging by this apparently unaltered photo, her lower legs are spindly, unlike her fleshy thighs. Um Jeong-hwa is the rare Korean female entertainer with enviably toned legs that a photo editor wouldn’t dare mess up.

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