Fade to White

Recently waking up to find the family camera in the kitchen sink and full of pictures of the ceiling, 2 year-old Elizabeth’s feet, and my wife and I sleeping naked in bed…then I’ve wisely decided to hide it from 4 year-old Alice in future. And what better place than the computer bag I take with me everywhere?

Unfortunately though, this subsequent attempt at my own photos on Sunday was taken in between chasing after both daughters, which gave me no time to change the camera settings. Still, I do love the juxtaposition, and I only wish that I’d stood a little closer to make it clearer, for the woman probably has the most dejected, doleful expression I’ve seen in my entire life:

( Source left: Hera )

Seriously, is anyone else also feeling sorry for her now?


14 thoughts on “Fade to White

  1. The miserable woman has an odd ‘look’ as well. She’s dressed like a fashionable young woman but she’s got an untidy ajumma hairdo stuck on top of her head like a bad wig…

    • To be frank, regardless of how true or not they may be I think it’s a little mean to point out those sorts of things about someone who’s clearly quite depressed. But actually I completely disagree that she’s “dressed like a fashionable young woman” too, and although her hair is a little untidy, it’s hardly the most egregious example of the stereotypical “ajumma hairdo” either.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended or anything. But although I’ll never have any hesitations in using images of people taken in public spaces on this blog, I’ll still always try to treat them with respect too, and write about them as if they were going to read the blog for themselves at some point.

  2. This post opens with the most adorable sentence I’ve ever read!

    The photo is… I don’t know what to say. The longer I look at her, the sadder I feel.

    • Thank you very much, and I’m glad I didn’t elaborate too much on the part about the bed now!

      Let me just say that I saw myself in a new light though, and now realize that I have some SERIOUS exercising to do for the rest of this summer!^^

  3. Ahh! Maybe she was just having a bad day… I’ve had a photo like that before but I wasn’t looking sad. Infact, the poster had a crying person behind me and I had a bashful smile – shame that camera was lost on the train years ago… anywho, I think you’ll find this a bit interesting. I have not personally read an idol being like this… Only Shin from Koyote who said she’s comfortable with her weight – she isn’t a “rookie” though!


    Also, if you have heard of ‘Nine Muses’ who boast having more than 20 plastic surgeries between them (about 28, I forget), there’s a nice photoshop fail for you there. Also their song is quite “interesting”. It’s called ‘No Playboy’ but throughout the MV they are scantily clad and look more like they are about to perform on a stripper stage or going to “service” someone. :/

    • Thanks for the links. I did know about Shin-ji (see #7 here), but not that about Nine Muses, as I’ve really begun to lose track of all the new groups popping up these days! But without having listened to the song yet, I wonder if the “playboy” referred to isn’t actually the magazine, but rather a guy who always cheats on his girlfriends, which is the Korean (or Konglish) meaning of the term?

      Of course, I do see the irony in English though!

  4. she is kinda cute..
    probably just had a bad day or is thinking about something. the one on the poster behind her (forgot the name of the actress) on the other hand just looks so fake and doll like to me.

  5. I totally feel what she’s trying to express: “I want to be somewhere else”.
    Or am I thinking just this, because I feel like that right now :D

    Love your blog, I’ve been reading it anonymously for a while. I love Korea, and all the topics related to media, pr, advertising, and so on, so I guess you see why I’ve become a loyal reader :D
    cheers, Nicole

  6. I actually feel sorry for that girl. For a young and fashionable young lady looking so discourage is the worst. Base on my first hand experience a lot of Asian girl are desperate to get that pure white silky skin. As for me, I just think they are just over worrying. Lucky, growing up in America have really ease the pain and culture pressure of having pure white silky skin. As for those girls who live in Asian country might be a whole different level especially from false advertisement. Initially, I really fears for girls growing up in those countries, my biggest worries is South Korea. I really don’t understand why the country want to corrupts their citizen. Look at the entertainment industry, its nasty girls having plastic surgery and wearing super short short that shows their butt cheek is nothing. My biggest worry is “does those girls know how other males look at them”. Look at Girls Generation singing about being genie and grant any boys wish is daunting. I really wonder does their parent even care. I’m not being bias or anything I really think the government really need to do something about it. All these girl group are totally ruining younger generation especially those are going through poverty. I, myself who have just turn 18 thinks that those girls are way too good at selling themselves as sex object.

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