Blood Type Condoms?

With thanks to Cate Newton of for passing it on, here is her handy infographic on the practice of blood typing, which notes the wide variety of blood type-themed products in Japan despite there being no scientific validity to the practice whatsoever.

Known as hyeolaek-hyeong in Korean (혈액형), the practice is also popular here, and definitely a common theme in advertising (such as for kiwifruit and soft drinks). But there are far less actual products available though, and certainly not condoms.

Perhaps because people would be confused? After all, is the required condom type determined by the blood-type of the wearer, or of his partner?

Putting aside the fact that the question itself reveals how completely inane the product is, then I’m guessing the former. Otherwise, some pretty big wallets would be required when heading out for a night on the town…

Any Japan-based readers that can confirm that though, then do please fill me in!^^

Update: See here for a blood-type condom vending machine in Japan.


12 thoughts on “Blood Type Condoms?

  1. I’m not sure the wearer gets much direct benefit out of ribbed or diamond condoms…although I suppose Type A ones fit in with the idea of Type A people being timid and unadventurous…

    • Me neither, although I presumed that they were to take advantage of or compensate for various alleged characteristics of wearers with the respective blood types.

      As an Type A guy myself though, I’m curious as to why we’re all supposed to require thin ones…

  2. Remember, just because something EXISTS in Japan, doesn’t mean that it’s widespread, common, or ordinary! The “long tail” concept (…commenting on this post is like a game of “Don’t Be Dirty!” from that British comedy show) is definitely thriving in Japan. I definitely don’t think that blood types are the standard dividing line for deciding which type of condom to buy there…I mean, zodiac-themed condoms do exist in the US–I’m sure I’ve seen them in a truck stop, LOL (and they exist in Japan too, apparently), but it doesn’t mean they’re more than a novelty. Don’t fall prey to news of the weird phenomenon!

    It is eternally disappointing to me that the blood type thing is so popular in Japan, but it’s similar to the craze for similarly unscientific things in the US, which also hit the bestseller list with some regularity–see the blood-type diet books (yup, we went there!), “The Secret,” even (arguably) all the books (and even corporate-level sorting and whatnot) based on Myers-Briggs, etc. Ours just aren’t quite so focused.

    • Well, the post isn’t intended to be taken that seriously, and normally I’d completely agree. But then with almost 2,000,000,000 blood-type condoms sold in Japan each year, then it sounds like they are indeed widespread, common, and ordinary!

      But I agree with everything else of course, and by coincidence I just listened to a podcast on the Myers-Brigg test that you might find interesting.

  3. how did they decide which blood typ gets the ribbed one and with gets the plain one…it’s just so absurd for me, hard to believe that there are people who actually believe in it…

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