The Korean Popular Culture Reader: Out Now!

The Korean Popular Culture Reader(Source)


Ahem. But, it has been a very long and frustrating wait at my end, so frankly I’m thrilled to finally have my contributor’s copy of The Korean Popular Culture Reader in my hands. And on the day before my birthday no less!

For a free, downloadable copy of the introduction, see Scribd here. Alas, you’ll have to actually buy the book itself for Stephen Epstein’s and my contribution, the chapter “Girls’ Generation? Gender, (Dis)Empowerment, and K- pop,” but it’s a surprisingly cheap $25 for the whole 450-page tome.

14.3(From page 323: “Figure 14.2. So Hee gives a knowing look in the Wonder Girls’ So Hot, acknowledging the power she wields over the male gaze.”)

To any readers who do buy it, thank you, and please feel free to post any rants, raves, or questions below. I’ll also put a link to this post in the right sidebar for continued easy access in the future.

What are you waiting for? ;)

10 thoughts on “The Korean Popular Culture Reader: Out Now!

  1. James, hey! Well, this is my first time here – and I’m so desperate ’cause I can’t find The Korean Popular Culture Reader copy in Brazil. Well, I’m Bruno Henriques and I’m finishing the last year of Fashion Design in a brazilian university. PLEASE, help me! I need this book so much to finish my final essay – and I can’t wait for 8 weeks for the shipment! Do you know if there’ll be any ebook available? I bought Korean Masculinities… and it’s helping me a lot. Please, I’d appreciate so much if you could answer this message…! Thanks and hugs from Brazil!

    • Thanks, and sorry you can’t find a copy. I could ask the editor about an ebook for you if you want, but I’m pretty sure there won’t be one sorry, and definitely not in time for your essay.

      Best of luck though!

      p.s. Does it really take Amazon 8 weeks to ship to Brazil? Jeez…and I thought shipping to Korea was slow!

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