See you in Boston!

To any readers that missed it, just a quick reminder that I’ll be giving a lecture at Wellesley College in Boston this Friday!

Tentatively titled Peeling Back the Veneer of Modernity: An introduction to Korean gender issues through advertising and popular culture, it will be held at 4:30pm in the Pendleton Atrium, on the 2nd floor of Pendleton Hall (see here or here for directions). All are welcome.

Meanwhile, apologies for the lack of posting, but, what with having an horrendous flu last weekend, my eldest daughter catching bronchitis (which meant 6 hours in hospital today), and a huge pile of editing work to get through, then not only am I still finishing the lecture, but I’m afraid my blogging plans went completely out the window!

But things will be back to normal next week, and should it not be possible to record the lecture itself – unfortunately the Pendleton Atrium is not really set up for it – then I’ll make sure to write a blog version of it shortly thereafter.

Until next week then!^^

p.s. Don’t worry, my daughter is fine now! And, apologies again, but there’ll be a small charge of $5 for non-campus guests.


19 thoughts on “See you in Boston!

    1. Well, by “the Pendleton Atrium is not really set up for [recording the lecture itself]” I meant probably not sorry, but we’ll see on Friday. If it’s definitely not possible though, then I’ll at least convert it all to a (word for word, slide for slide) blog post, which will hopefully be just as interesting.


    1. Thanks, and as far as I can tell, it went well. At least for someone who only got 4 hours sleep in the 48 hours beforehand (NO sleep on the plane ㅠㅠ) and so was popping weak amphetamines cold medicine pills like candy to avoid collapsing on the spot that is.

      Unfortunately, I only got into Boston late Thursday night (Boston time), gave the presentation Friday night, and will be leaving in a couple of hours this Saturday morning as I type this (arriving back Sunday night Korean time). Even the immigration official at Busan airport was a bit surprised when I told him my crazy schedule, and it’s definitely the last time I repeat it.

      So in the end, of beautiful Boston I managed to visit…my hotel, Wallmart, Starbucks, the building at Wellesley College I gave the presentation in, and finally the airport!^^


  1. Thank you for a great lecture! The students at the lecture truly appreciated your presentation and the professors were also greatly interested in your lecture. Have a safe trip back to Korea!


    1. Thank you very much, and so sorry that most of the second half seemed to consist of me saying “I’d like to talk about XXX but I don’t have enough time”, and/or “I’m running out of time, aren’t I?”…and so on!^^


        1. Thanks. I got the “rewlzzz” easily enough, but couldn’t figure out the “3”, and thought it was something to do with breasts. Which made me think that maybe Charles got quite the wrong impression when I said I was going to an all women’s college….


  2. I have been reading your blog for 2 years now, and always appreciate your insights- I was so surprised (and then later, bummed) to find out that you had spoken at Wellesley! I wish I could have been there!!

    I hope you had a good time and the Wellesley women (and other audience members) provided you with some great discourse.


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