Korean Kittens (코리언 키튼즈) – Can’t Buy Me Love (1964)

See London Korean Links and Angry Asian Man for more information about them. And thanks very much to Edward Povey for passing the video on!


5 thoughts on “Korean Kittens (코리언 키튼즈) – Can’t Buy Me Love (1964)

  1. Among the links to other related videos is a video for The Kim Sisters. It’s nice to catch a glimpse of Korean people as they were in the 1960s. In the short time it was since the Korean War, you can definitely see the massive influence 60s western (especially British, with the rise of the Beatles and all) fashion and music had on Korea.


    1. All quite agreed. Here it is for anyone interested:

      Unfortunately though, the video instantly reminded me of something else. It’s a complete aside, and I definitely don’t want it to be taken the wrong way, but the combination of the similarities of the 3 sisters’ facial structures and the poor quality of the video made, well, this alien from the pilot episode of the original Battlestar Galactica come to mind…(especially if you look from about 0:21)…


  2. Last week one of my students told me he doesn’t like the Beatles, I’lll have to show him the Korea KIttens and then see what he has to say.


  3. The third Kitten is the most famous, Her name is Yoon, Bok-hee. One of her famous songs was performed by another singer on that popular TV show called “I’m a Singer.” The song title is…”Ladies and Gentleman” as interpreted by one of my students. Oh, and my student liked “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” so maybe I’ve converted him into a bit of a Beatles fan.


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