Who Made the 2011 Chinese Film Festival Poster?


Actually, the brief 2011 Chinese Film Festival itself finished nearly two weeks ago sorry. But I’m much more concerned with the poster, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I’d really like to know who designed it, but unfortunately all I can make of that name in the bottom-right corner is “환영” – not the last syllable, and searches of my various guesses have come to naught, Indeed, it actually might not be a name at all, as “환영” by itself means both “illusion” and “welcome”.

Can anybody can make out the full name, and/or clarify? Any help would be much appreciated!^^

Update – With thanks to Paul Carver for passing the links on, the illustrator’s name is 윤환영 (I guess the last syllable was actually a sort of symbol or signature?), and an interview of him and more of his works can be seen here and here respectively.