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Please contact me at

Alternatively, you can find me via the blog’s Facebook page, or via my Twitter (@JamesTurnbull).

I’m always happy to help readers, and always reply to emails. But my time is limited, so please help me out by keeping any requests short and specific. Also, if you’d like me to give a presentation at your university or institution, please note in advance that I am based in Busan, South Korea, and will need my travel expenses and (if necessary) accommodation expenses provided. Thanks!

Update 1: I am also happy to publicize readers’ events, projects, fundraisers, and so on. But when you email, please DO provide something I can quickly copy and paste, NOT simply links and/or grant proposals etc. that I have to spend a lot of time reading just to figure out what to post. Also, any large, high-quality pictures to accompany it would be helpful.

Update 2: Sorry students, but I am NOT prepared to help you plan, find sources for, write, edit, and/or give feedback on your essay, paper, dissertation, or thesis. If you’re having problems, please ask your tutors or professors for help instead—that’s what they’re paid for!