Naver’s Photo of the Day

(“하늘위로훨훨 ~ 날아올라” / “Flying to the Sky”. Source: Naver)

I’m afraid that I’ve been pretty sleep deprived since my baby daughter came home from the hospital sorry, and it’s making my next post take much longer than expected. Having said that, I confess that I liked Naver’s photo of the day above so much that I just had to post it as soon as I saw it, and it’s a pity that the only slightly larger version you can see by clicking on it is the highest resolution available.

Here’s what photography judge Kim Yeong-su (김영수) had to say about it on Naver:

이 사진은 아름다운 여인을 보기 좋게 꾸며서 적당하게 어울리는 장소에서 촬영한 인물사진입니다. 상업적인 목적의 사진 분야에서는 이와 같은 종류의 사진은 패션사진 분야에서 많이 촬영됩니다. 전문적인 패션사진가 경우에는 프로 모델, 스타일리스트, 메이크업 담당자와 같이 전문가 그룹이 함께 움직입니다. 물론 유행에 앞서 가는 멋진 의상은 기본적으로 준비가 되겠지요.

“This picture is a very human one, and at a location well matched for the beautiful woman made up for the shot. It is of a kind often used in commercial and fashion photography, and in the case of the latter a fashion photographer will be working as part of a production team with the professional model(s), stylists, and make-up artists. And of course, trend-setting clothes are also available to them, aren’t they?”

비상업 적인 목적으로 이와 비슷한 사진을 전문가 집단의 도움 없이 촬영한다는 것은 상당히 힘든 작업입니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 이 작품은 좋은 모델과 의상, 포즈, 장소, 광원이 잘 맞아 떨어져서 사진을 감상하는 많은 사람들의 눈을 즐겁게 해 주고 있습니다.

“It is considerably harder for non-commercial photographers to take pictures with a similar pose and setting without the help of a production team. Despite that, the lighting and the model’s beauty, clothes, and pose came out very well in this photo, and many people have been enjoying it.” (End)

Sorry, but although Naver does give the photographer’s Naver ID and links to more examples of her work, it seems to neglect to mention the minor, trifling detail of what her name is. If anyone knows it or can see it on the site where I didn’t, please pass it on!

Let me leave you with another great shot of hers instead, which I really liked partially because I’m a real sucker for juxtapositions of Korean houses and futuristic-looking apartments (I recommend those by bophoto especially), but mostly because this shot also manages to capture the crisp atmosphere and the brown-red hues of Korean cities in the winter very well; my favorite time of year and place(s) in Korea, but difficult to convey in words. Still, I’d have to admit that the shot would probably have looked much better with more of the roof in the foreground cut off, and especially with a much wider view.

(“고것에서” / “From That”. Source: Naver)

By the way, does anybody recognize where the picture was taken from?

7 thoughts on “Naver’s Photo of the Day

  1. Maybe that last sentence could be translated as: “And of course, trend-setting clothes are available to them, aren’t they.” It seems like she’s using this sentence to emphasize how much easier it is for commercial photographers than amateurs to create this kind of photograph.

    Update October 9th, 11:12pm (James): I’ve edited the post and incorporated that sentence into it. Thanks!


  2. It took some playing around with google maps, but I eventually figured out that the tall buildings in the far background are the Mok-dong Hyperion towers (a total of 9 towers, but only 4 are visible due to the angle), and that the photo was taken in Gwangmyeong City, just south of Seoul – about 5 km from those towers. The photographer was really using the zoom in that photo.


  3. Whoa! Thanks bulgasari, I couldn’t have asked for a much more comprehensive answer than that!

    I fear to pose similar questions on the blog in the future though, lest I again tempt you to spend several hours on Google Maps in the middle of the night… :)


  4. Meh, it took about 40 minutes. It’s the challenge that gets me. There’s another example here (one of a few). A few years ago a certain blogger posted two photos taken from his apartment near Namsan in Seoul and quipped that someone might be able to triangulate his position. I happened to have google earth open and it took me just one photo (and about 90 seconds) to figure out where he lived – not that I would ever have thought of doing so if he hadn’t suggested it to his readers. I probably could find better things to do with my time, but hey, I love playing with maps.


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