Korean Photoshop Disaster #3: Park Tae-hwan’s Babyface

( Source: High Cut )

Granted, it’s not the most egregious case of a Korean athlete’s face being photoshopped. That dubious honor still remains firmly in the hands of Gillette Korea, whose choice of pockmarked Manchester United footballer Park Ji-sung (박지성) to endorse them last year is probably also the most glaring example of the over-reliance on celebrities in Korean advertising too.

Unlike him though, youthful Olympic medalist Park Tae-hwan (박태환) already has unblemished and unusually smooth skin, which raises the question of what the photoshopping was for exactly?

Personally, it reminds me of the airbrushing of Milla Jovovich’s face in Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), which many viewers found unnecessary, confusing and/or distracting. Indeed, while I’ll be the first to admit that Tae-hwan has a great body (more of which you can see in the last post), and with the proviso that I’m a (jealous) heterosexual male, I’d say that in the second picture in the series his now somewhat seal-like face simply draws too much attention away from his abs…

Can anyone think of similar examples, particularly Korean ones? Please pass them on!

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9 thoughts on “Korean Photoshop Disaster #3: Park Tae-hwan’s Babyface

      1. I know Bruce Campbell from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., but as someone who is 29 years old I don’t know if it will make you feel that much better, James!


  1. there is this ne doing the rounds at the moment of T.O.P. from Big Bang. Its his university entrance pic apparantly, though Its been tampered with for sure. He looks like a Ken Doll.


    considering the uhljjang craze in Korea – being able to PS your own picture and airbrush i think is taken as the norm. I can do it myself to be honest. I remove spots and red eye, but i don’t plasticize myself. I even, on request, PS’d my freind’s face as she felt she was too ’round-faced’ in a pic with a celeb.


    1. Oh dear. That’s a rather good example you’ve shown there. It looks like they’ve plasticized his hair and PAINTED him. Really, it looks too much like he’s been painted instead of shot with a camera.

      I think they need to higher better editors for this kind of thing. Or teach them how to work on tweaking the pictures in a more… subtle way? I think even I could do a better job at that.


      1. It looks like they’ve plasticized his hair and PAINTED him.

        Good way to put it, and thanks to Saharial also for the Ken Doll!^^. And yeah, examples like these do make you wonder what exactly the illustrators are getting paid for…


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