Open Thread #6

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Fashionably late, but I made it! What’s on your mind this weekend folks?


14 thoughts on “Open Thread #6

  1. Watched eps 1&2 of the new “Ob/gyn” drama on SBS. It’s trying to show every single Korean women’s issue, apparently…starting with a chaebol myeonuri who was hit with divorce papers the minute she gave birth to a Down’s baby. You know what’s sad, though? I bet a majority of the viewers thought “yeah, that’s an understandable reaction,” not “geez, that’s horrifying.”


    1. I don’t think it would have been on the show if they weren’t confident it would resonate with people. Also, just because these sorts of things do happen, doesn’t mean that a lot of people (including the people they happen to) don’t disagree with them just as much as you or I or anyone else. As with some many of these sorts of things, Koreans are generally well aware that such problems exist within their society, and wish they didn’t exist. The difficulty is that they can’t always bring about an effective solution, for whatever reason, understandable or not.


  2. I’m watching that show, too! If it’s trying to up the birthrate I can’t see how it will help, as all the graphic C-sections certainly don’t inspire me to give birth!


    1. Haven’t watched it, but heard of it via this post at Dramabeans; cool accompanying posters, but don’t know why the model had to be in the swimming pool for NINE HOURS for them!

      I’ll have to check it out if it’s one of those rare dramas that sneaks in commentary on some social issues amongst all the love triangles and feuds with mothers-in-law. I’m a bit more optimistic that most viewers would think have the “geez, that’s horrifying” opinion though Bob!

      Anyone interested in C-sections in Korea – like most of you probably suspected, rates are far too high in Western countries but even higher still in Korea – then you might find this post on them interesting (but apologies in advance for drifting off topic so much in it!). Not that I think you’d be interested Bonnie!^^


    1. Hmmm, may well be. And seeing as how I frequently remind my students of how sexy and hip I was at their age (always gets laughs..I often feel more like a comedian during routines than a teacher), then I suppose that one day even Tim Allen was too…


  3. I’m currently unemployed and kinda in a middle of a career crisis… I’m trying to figure out what my next step should be.
    I love reading this blog, I’ve been always curious about asian culture especially Japan and Korea. I really like to see how you dissect all the interesting subjects you come across. Thank you very much. It’s always nice to read and learn more.


      1. ha I’m sorry, you’re right, but when I read your question, I tried to think about something more lively yet I could not… But at the same time, there was meant to be a link between how my situation and your blog, because when I read your post, it allows me to change my mind.


    1. Oh dear, looks like the kind of quality shows that seem to be all over Japanese TV. All that pillow swinging was a waste of time (though I suppose that since they are so lacking in muscle that is as good as it gets), I was waiting for the big shoulder charge! Shoving the other person out of the ring must be a win too. Don’t waste time on the hold down!

      That looked like a couple of 14yo kids staging a ‘fight’ for the edification of a discerning(!) adult audience who are desperately trying to convince themselves they are still young. Or are the program’s viewers mostly teenagers?

      Love the random female furriner in skimpy clothing making random comments in English.


    2. Sweet Lord, that’s what TV was invented for. As an educated person, and an avid reader of this blog, I’m obviously disgusted. But as a man…


      1. Yeah, and the notion that Soo-young “fights like a girl” would be singularly inappropriate for this blog also, but I have to admit that it was the first thing that sprung to mind. And because of that she definitely isn’t *cough* my favorite member anymore, and I’ll be doing my darnedest to make sure my own daughters don’t grow up to be so weak and ineffectual, pillowfights or otherwise.

        I was also struck by how young both looked Chris, despite them both being over 20. And when they were 18, they looked more like 12 or 13, as I was reminded of when I posted this video of them in my recent post on them:

        Forgot to ask my wife more about the show last night sorry, but I think the show is popular among all ages. I’ll get that confirmed when I get home though.

        But before I forget, the foreign woman was not random, but in fact the world pillowfighting champion (I kid you not). Click here to see her skills against a Korean male singer; being even prettier than SNSD members, his loss was somewhat predictable…


        1. Yes, anyone 15-60 should be able to do at least 1 push up, maybe a chin up and be able to lift a 5kg weight. And if you can’t beat a 10yo in an arm wrestle you should be sent off to fitness camp for a few weeks.

          Gawd, they still look like they have escaped from middle high school.

          Oh dear, if the North Koreans are watching those shows they will conclude that they can invade and take over the place with no trouble at all. Those guys looked pretty pathetic. I guess they haven’t done their military service yet!

          Err, World Champion of Pillowfights, that is both sad and just weird. That guy got hammered, that’s a pretty average effort. Yeah, prettier = less strong and aggressive?

          You know, I have watched with a kind of fascinated incredulity as the celebrities/models/actors in the ‘Western’ world have morphed into nearly a different species as their audience – extremely tall and skinny celebs and an increasingly obese audience. In Asia at least the difference is much less pronounced, at least for now. I am by no means tall (1.72m) or muscular but I’d probably outweigh those kids err, girls, by 30kgs. My arms are nearly as thick as their legs (well, nearly, sort of, I only wish!). They are just so tiny. Only a few of the dozens of my cousins are that tiny, thankfully.

          One of my cousins did gymnastics when she was young and is still quite strong and fit, so when she went to HK and tried on clothes she said the clothes for local women were far too small around the shoulders, arms and even legs. She said she outweighed her friends by a significant amount despite them all being slim, the same age and height, since “they had no muscles at all”. Hell, even I had some trouble finding suits which I could fit. A strange experience.


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