Open Thread #9

Son Dam-bi Dream(Source: Silkroad)

Granted, it snowed across much of Korea earlier in the week, but it is spring! Time to get out and do some exercise folks!

14 thoughts on “Open Thread #9

  1. Errr, that photo looks like a group sex scene waiting to happen. Or is it just me? I have no problem if they’re all adults and it’s consensual – was there any outcry from the medievalists? I guess not since you didn’t mention any.


  2. I’ve been away for a week and look at all I’ve missed here! You’ve been very busy James!

    I just wanted to point out I think the guy in the long trousers is a “foreigner”:

    I think it’s the guy wearing the red tie at the bottom right, on the one off 미남들의 수다. If memory serves me correctly, he’s the younger brother of the Korean-French Canadian MMA fighter, Dennis Kang, making him half Korean. This site would seem to confirm that:

    I know by this stage it’s barely even noteworthy, which is a good thing, but still, a not completely Korean Korean staring longingly at a young Korean lady in an advert. There was a time when it would never have happened. He also seems to be the only one who’s actually looking at her, whereas the others are all noticeably looking away.


  3. Just as an aside, the guy in the long trousers isn’t a Korean, I’m almost certain he’s Julian Kang, the younger brother of Dennis Kang, the MMa fighter. If I’m right, then he’s half Korean half French Canadian.

    I know it’s not really that noteworthy these days, and I think he’s done a fair bit of work in Korea, where I guess he’s able to gather interest because of his quite well-known brother and half-Koreanness, but still there was a time when a “non Korean Korean” would never have appeared in an advert staring intensely at an attractive Korean woman. Also, he seems to be the only one actually looking at her, the others are pointedly looking away.


    1. It might be Julian Kang, but he most certainly is not looking at her. Like all of the other dudes in the ad, he is looking somewhere far off camera.

      I think the Kang brothers are really into their Korean half. I think the Korean dad really must have had an influence. Dennis always has his Korean flag draped over his shoulders, at least when he fought in Pride. And Julian seems to have a career in Korea. Too bad Dennis has been doing awful in the USA after the UFC bought Pride.


      1. Correction: 2 of the “Korean Korean” dudes appear to be looking directly at the camera as the girl in the ad is doing.


  4. Yep that is Marco standing at the back. The drama was pretty boring and the bad acting from most of the cast was quite painful to watch. Quite an abs parade though, never seen that many topless, muscular bodies on the screen almost every episode in a drama series.

    Talking about dramas, I’m not sure if you’ve already heard of this recently ended series called “The Woman who Still Wants to Marry” . The relationships explored in the show doesn’t follow the typical kdrama path, with younger guys going after older women etc. There’s one female character especially, who after getting out of a bad marriage, became so independent and successful, that shes like the antithesis of all that is required by Confucian values of a woman. Quite a happening show in my opinion and it was pretty refreshing to see such a character being played out.


  5. Love it. Those guys aren’t paying her the least bit of attention. It’s the most homoerotic korean ad I’ve seen in awhile. It’s almost like they’re waiting for her to leave before the fun starts.


  6. Hmmm…think I’ll post a less stimulating picture in tomorrow’s Open Thread!

    Happy that people were interested in it of course, and also the whole idea in the open threads is that people can talk about anything they like…but still: talking only about the picture?? :D


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