Korean Photoshop Disaster #5: Girls’ Generation’s legs too fat for China?

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Given the clear artistic license applied to the other main image in this series, would you say that here too, the graphic designer deliberately intended for members of Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) to look like virtual caricatures of themselves?

Update: See Korean Lovers Photoblog for the full series.

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11 thoughts on “Korean Photoshop Disaster #5: Girls’ Generation’s legs too fat for China?

  1. This is the same as something I wrote on your blog very recently, but I’ll say it again here as this is a prime example! The photoshopper has altered the image so that the people look like cgi, but it’s become so ubiquitous in advertisements now that I think people are failing to fully acknowledge the fact that it’s not a “real” image. In my opinion this has influenced the trend to photoshop passport and other pictures – albeit to a lesser extent – because people are becoming accustomed to seeing images of people looking like something out of Final Fantasy.


  2. Hmm, it certainly looks rather CGI, that suspicious ‘lightening’ of the skin and stick thin limbs. Now they look malnourished and extremely incongruous – and at the beach, of all places.


  3. OK, I’m freaked out now – I looked at it and thought, “Hmm, isn’t that pretty much what they look like?” Might have to get out of Korea before I lose all sense of what a normal human looks like.

    Oh wait, now I got it. That head-to-thigh size ration is not right. Thank God (I’m relieved for me, not for them).


  4. You gotta love the product placement in the photo. I’d have thought this was an ad for beach wear….

    Those limbs make me cringe…


  5. I find the use of the term ‘Disaster’ to be a gross over-reaction in regards to this image. When I click on a ‘photoshop disaster’ I’m basically imagining a missing/extra limb or alienesque proportions. The picture in question is aesthetically pleasing for an advertisment so for the photographer/designer to over-do the smoothing, colour enhancement and slimming out the bodies just doesn’t seem all that disasterous to me. I’m more worried that the photocopier looks to be swallowing seohyun into it, or that they’re at the beach having a fun girly time to promote photocopiers.


    1. Lauren, if you think that effectively making their legs look like aliens’ is merely “[overdoing] the smoothing, color enhancement and slimming out [their] bodies”, then I’m afraid the problem is much more with your own choice of terms than my own, and you can expect more such “gross over-reactions” from me in the future.

      Meanwhile, it’s certainly a photoshop disaster in the sense that it will gain much more notoriety for its terrible photoshopping than any positive impact it will have on sales of the printers.


  6. 이 그룹에 정말 맘에 내가 그들의 음악 권 유리 김 Hyoyeon, 제시카 정 한혜진 연, 서 현 파이팅, 최 수영, 리 일 규 김 Taeyeon, 스테파니 황, 인스턴트 메신저 윤 아의 CD를 가지고 그렇게. 그들은 모두 아름답고 멋진 있습니다.


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