The Grand Narrative On Air

( Source: Kevindooley )

With apologies for forgetting to mention them much earlier, see #56 here for my interview about blogging and Korean gender issues on Busan e-FM’s Let’s Talk Busan show back on July 11, and then here for the subsequent video webcast with Koreabridge owner and manager Jeff Lebow and fellow blogger Alexandra Karpen of Alex’s Adventures in Asia.

Unfortunately the first link doesn’t work in Firefox, and also requires installing an ActiveX control in Internet Explorer, so if you’d like to avoid all that hassle then please simply go here instead.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about or to expand upon any topic mentioned in either: unfortunately, time goes very quickly when you’re being interviewed about your favorite subjects!


4 thoughts on “The Grand Narrative On Air

    1. That would be nice, but like blogging I think they’d be much more work than they appear (especially for one person), and unlike blogging would be much more difficult to go back and edit and so on. It would also take a long time to figure out how academic, serious, and/or humorous to be etc., and to settle into your own unique style.

      That said, I think it’s the best medium for conducting interviews and so on, which I think is a step every serious blogger needs to take if they want to move on from basically just whining about news stories (myself included: watch this space). And doing a webcast like with Jeff Lebow would be a fun and interesting way of interacting with and getting to know readers much better too.

      I thought that perhaps doing something at would be possible, but I doubt they’d be in interested in Korean gender issues. Does anyone know an equivalent site that would be?


  1. I think it would be interesting if you just interviewed people on gender issues in korea for a podcast. I am not sure how that would work but it could be nice…maybe even a report from some of these events you post. Interviews with models or former models, people in the LGBT movement, couples dealing with interacial relationships. Things like that. Give it a voice outside of Korea, that would help those issues get attention just like you are doing now. Keep it up as always.


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