The Grand Narrative on Air

This time, a live phone-interview on tomorrow’s This Morning show on TBS e-FM, Busan e-FM’s sister station in Seoul. Hosted by Dr Hans Schattle, a political science professor at Yonsei University, I’ll be talking alongside Dr. Robert Kushner of Northwestern University on the overuse of diet pills in Korea, with me focused on the sociological aspects of dieting and body image in general. Catch me there from roughly 8:40am either before, together with, or after Dr. Kushner, and there’ll be an opportunity for listeners to call in also.

Meanwhile, you may find the text in this related cartoon I’ve just found amusing! For non-Korean speakers, the man is saying:

“Young woman! You seem to be fat. You should register in this diet program, yes? [Just look at this] We never exaggerate or do false advertising!”

And the woman is thinking:

“The nerve of that A-hole: he’s fatter than me! And who gets fooled by those sorts of photos these days anyway? Are people’s bodies like balloons?”

Alas, as Ill explain tomorrow, this is by no means an unlikely conversation in Korea. But at least he’s not actually lying about the advertising: as the next panel reveals, it’s two sisters in the pictures!^^


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