Wanna Be Sweet?

(Sources: left, right)

Yeah, I know: a 3000 word post on gender issues this ain’t. But then I’ve always been a real sucker for high-definition images of women’s faces, and like fashionista Effiel in Seoul, simply loved singer Sandara Park’s (박산다라) expressions in these ones the instant I saw them. So I thought I’d make an exception!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Wanna Be Sweet?

      1. Should be by Monday thanks. And fortunately I have a few long posts already written that just need a little tweaking, which I can do here at the PC방. And which is much quieter than home with my 2 kids at this time of the morning!


  1. Hello! I’ve been a reader for a while, I really like to read about many of topics you approach here^^
    I’m sorry for the random, and quite frivolous, question… There has been something bugging me, and I think that you might be able to answer: Why is Yuna (from SNSD) so popular? I’ve watched some shows with her and I see always men “drooling” over her, and it seems she’s the most requested from her group. Why is that when she, compared to so many other celebrities, looks rather plain (either in looks and in character)? I’m asking this because sometimes Korean people really confuse me, so sickly focused on one’s appearance, and then idolize an average looking girl… Is there any “hidden” reason?
    BTW, I’m not a hater. I just hope the way I phrased this doesn’t come too strong/shallow…
    Thank you and hope your pc gets better ^^/


    1. No need to apologize about for the random and frivolous question, especially on a post like this one! Unfortunately though, while I’ve definitely noticed the popularity of Yuna myself, I’ve never really understood it either, finding her prettier than average, but much too thin. And speaking of which, it’s just been revealed that Seohyeon is 9kg(!) too thin, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Yuna and most other members were similar.

      I’ll try to find out why Yuna is the most popular, but unfortunately like discussed here, generally Korean guys don’t seem to be very honest with their feelings about Girls’ Generation in particular. Hell, even some Western guys too…


      1. What % of female celebrities in SK (or for that matter developed countries) do you think are of healthy weight? I’d say not many. Even, say, Hyori, who looks like she actually eats food, could do with a few good big meals.

        In the Anglo and Euro countries, “celebrities” are so far from the average person in terms of weight (the average weight going up, and fast) they are nearly a separate species.

        In SK at least the gap between ordinary people and celebrities is much smaller, though celebs and ordinary people seem to both have underweight/undernourishment issues instead.

        It’s a strange world…


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