Korean Gender Reader

(Apocalypse Tomorrow Pin-up Girl Calendar, via io9)

Classic Venus nudes altered for today’s beauty standards (Work That Matters; Geek in Heels; Visual News)

BREAKING NEWS: Black Woman Featured Prominently in K-Pop Video (Mixtapes and Liner Notes)

What is a Dried Fish Lady (건어물녀)? (Ethnoscopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist)

Artificial hymens banned from online sale in China (Shanghaiist)

Let’s Talk About Sex…With Seniors (Inconseoulable)

Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic! (Caviar C:reme)

Show Beautifies Plastic Surgery (Korea Times)

Kids’ drawings of Mommy and Daddy Getting Married (Previouslyafter)

Divorced women prefer unmarried men (Korea Times)

Male Circumcision and Quality of Sex Life, For Both Sexes (Homo Consumericus)

Hong Kong full page ad against pregnant mainland women (China Hush)

N. Korean women popular as brides (The Marmot’s Hole)

Seoul City to Ban Draconian Appearance Rules at School (The Chousnilbo)

The Female Grotesque: South Korean poet Kim Hyesoon on subverting expectations, her use of grotesque language, and the state of feminism in Korea (Guernica; hat tip to Tin Alvarez)

The new economics of tying the knot (Korea Times; hat tip to Chris Backe)

Talking through bigotry (Gord Sellar)

China’s surrogate mothers see business boom in year of the dragon (The Guardian)

Korean HR commission rules against women-only library (Asian Correspondent)

1 in 10 teenagers have sexual experience (The Chosunilbo)

Teenagers Banned from Multi-Purpose Private Rooms (The Chousnilbo)

“Superstar K3” Chris Golightly Calls Sexual Abuse Allegation “Lying Trash” (Soompi; Allkpop; Korea Joongang Daily)

Lee Hyori Furious with MBC for False Stories (Allkpop)

MBC Responds (Omona)

Announcement: Feb. 15th presentation on “The Triumphs and Tribulations of Being Married to a Korean” (Seoul International Women’s Association)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

8 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. I used to like the “Korean Gender Reader” when you selected fewer articles and made a quick comment about them. The new form of it is not so helpful, as titles are more often than not misleading.


    1. I’m sorry that you don’t like the change, but my “quick comments” were usually MUCH more than that. Sometimes the posts ended up several thousands words long!

      Having said that, actually I’d love to keep the old format if I could, but frankly all the late nights blogging last year seriously affected my health and my ability to do my job. So, this year I’ve resolved to prioritize on producing my own original content and analysis (on and offline), rather than being yet another blogger who basically only ever just comments on what they read in the newspaper.

      Still, I do know that my Korean Gender Reader posts are usually the most popular ones (sigh!), and so this new format does at least allow me to continue them. Indeed, now I can pass on all the interesting stories and blogposts and so on I find, rather than just the ones I personally wanted to comment on.

      But finally, you say the titles are often misleading? Sorry, but I find that baffling. Granted, many I’ll swipe straight from the headlines used at the links, but then I actually change them if they are indeed misleading, and I can’t personally find a problem with a single one of those above (changed or otherwise).


    1. Thanks, it does indeed look interesting. As befitting the academics it’s aimed at though, a quick glance at many of the longer reviews shows them to be in journals I’m denied access to! (sigh)


        1. Thanks for passing that on, and I’ve fixed the link.

          If I ever went self-hosting, then getting a preview function would be one of my first priorities, but as I barely have the time to even write then I have to put up with what WordPress.com offers sorry!


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