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Via Hello Korea!, I’ve just learned of Donga TV’s Single Mom Story above, a series that looks at successful single mothers in Korea. Unfortunately, you’ll need to be fluent in Korean to watch it, but just that the series exists at all is very welcome news, especially considering the stereotypes they have to confront on a daily basis (and which in turn have very real effects on social welfare policy).

Meanwhile, I’m much busier than expected with translations this week sorry (see here, here, here, and here if you’d like a preview!), and on top of that I’m preparing to start teaching again from next week too. But as you can see, the stories still just keep coming!

Not Made Up: Tourists Boost Cosmetics Industry (Korea Real Time)

White Person + Asian Person = $? (New York, Pew Research Center, MSNBC; hat tip to Robert Koehler)

Vietnam to ban marriage with Korean men aged 50 years old or over (Korea Times; hat tip to Bobby McGill)

Korea only second in the world in plastic surgery operations per capita? (Toronto Sun)

Korean plastic surgeons charge foreign patients almost double that of Koreans (The Korea Herald)

The great gender divide: lunch time edition (I’m no Picasso)

Why half-Black, half-Korean Michelle Lee will not win K-Pop Star (Allkpop, SNSD Free for all, Omona!)

Office worker arrested for producing drug for sex crimes (Korea Times; hat tip to nayaCasey)

The Korean entertainment business: a statistical analysis of what happens after stars find trouble (Han Cinema)

Women and young people still underrepresented in National Assembly (The Hankyoreh)

China — “A wife has become a luxury good” (Global Times; hat tip to @MaraHvistendahl)

Female students Occupy Male Toilets in Guangzhou (Shanghaiist, Baidu Beat; hat tip to David Willis)

Border town brothels openly cohabit with military – “a shock to most Korean women, but no secret to their men” (Korea Times; hat tip to @tomcoyner)

Global Gender Imbalance Poses Critical Problems for Women (Inter Press Service)

The Hunt for Mr. Swirl – documentary on capture of pedophile that led to changes in Korea’s E-2 visa regulations (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Rent a Husband (Korea Times)

“Be White” (Groove Magazine)

Education ministry threatening to limit students‘ hair freedom (The Hankyoreh)

Filipinos: Nannies, maybe; native speakers, no. (Gusts of Popular Feeling, The Dong-a Ilbo)

Plastic Surgery in the ROK: An Army of Clones (Expat Hell)

Kdramas, Rape Culture, & Complicity (Idle Revelry)

Asians Are Stealing Our Boyfriends On This American Life (Racialious; via My First Love Story)

Japanese rightists angry about Korean men stealin’ their women (The Marmot’s Hole)

• The Bodyguard Drama: When Women Protect Men (Seoulbeats)

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3 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

    1. Thanks for passing that on. While I wouldn’t put anything past the producers of the trashy Sebakwi (세바퀴) show in particular, after the spate of recent similar incidents it’s amazing that people in the Korean entertainment industry still aren’t getting just how offensive it is to people outside of Korea. Indeed, now I’m going to wager that Hallyu 2.0 is definitely going to fail in both the West and East Asia, primarily because content creators at best appear to be giving only lip service to the sentiments of overseas fans (and/or are simply unbelievably lazy and sloppy about it).


  1. I already liked G-Dragon for getting caught with pot, and now I like him more for not even taking any time off because of it. I know they’re making their “comeback” right now and I wonder how if that scandal’s had any effect on it.


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