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I would comment on this ridiculous rendition of Davichi’s (다비치) Kang Min-kyeong (강민경), but unfortunately two pressing matters(!) prevent me as I type this. In the morning though, I may well submit my daughters’ drawings of her to DHC Korea for its consideration, as surely those would be just as realistic as whatever else it has planned for its latest ad campaign?^^

Seoul Food: Treating Your Idol to Lunch Is the True Test of Fandom (The Wall Street Journal)

Extreme Private Ethos: Japanese Documentaries (Asia Society)

A refreshing approach to condom marketing: an app that keeps you from being walked in on by your parents (Work That Matters)

KPOP and Black Music: Rap (My First Love Story)

How Parents’ Zeal for Education Drives Up Rents (Korea Real Time)

The Nude Collection – An International Artists Community Group Exhibition (Seoul; Social Discourse of Disquiet)

Girls′ Generation’s Jessica Gets a Little Photoshop Lift (Enewsworld; see Omona! for scans)

[Part 1] The Yoke of Korean Women (The Jeju Weekly)

Hey, where’s your skirt? (The Korea Blog)

Foreign Husband Troubles (The Marmot’s Hole)

Women readjusts her curves with green tea (Work That Matters)

Introducing Escher Girls, a Site Dedicated to Superheroine Poses That Warp Spacetime (io9)

Chinese woman sent naked photo by interviewer exposes him online (The Nanfang)

South Korean survey: Appearance-based discrimination is widespread (Asian Correspondent)

Porn and the Peninsula (Via Korea)

International Women’s Day events in Seoul (10 Magazine; Korea Business Central)

Jeremy Lin and debates about Asian masculinity (I’m No Picasso)

Hong Seok Cheon Opens Up About AIDS Scare (Enewsworld)

China to soften its one-child policy slogans, but not the law itself (Yahoo! News; hat tip to Amanda)

Why Aren’t Women in Japan Working? (Gender Across Borders)

Lee Hyori gets criticized over her “belly fat”, proceeds to address the haters (Omona!)

Japanese porn actress Hotaru Akanei’s China university lecture cancelled (Shanghaiist)

School’s Closed, Working Moms Suffer (Korea Real Time)

More babies being born in Korea, and gender disparity among newborns at all-time low (The Hankyoreh)

Hot pants or hot air? Is the sexualization of childhood less of a concern than gender-stereotyping? (The F-Word)

Obesity growing among school students (The Hankyoreh)

Fewest Elementary School Students in Seoul since 1965 (The Chosunilbo)

Company-provided daycare: just for female employees? (On Becoming a Good Korean {Feminist} Wife)

Why did Jun Ji-hyun Have to Hide Her Marriage? (Enewsworld)

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2 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. Thank you so much for the link to “Escher Girls” – a brilliantly entertaining and enlightening blog. There are many parallels I believe between the contortionist positions that comic girls are drawn in and the back/neck breaking positions that you’ve often pointed out that female models are photographed in (or photoshopped to appear like) in advertisements. From now on I will be on the look out for centaurs, boob flounders and broken back torso twists – this position allows the viewer to get a good look at breasts and butt in one shot, seriously why not just replace our faces with an ass and call it a day.. – ‘organ-less’ bodies is another good one, X-line anyone? I am also eternally grateful for the phrase ‘false equivalence’ – a concept I’ve grasped at on a number of occasions with regards to male versus female sexual exposure in K-pop (i.e. abs versus cleavage etc.) Anyway, thanks again!


    1. You’re welcome. Here’s one of my favorite recent posts there, the points made in the commentary about mirroring a lot of what I say in my presentations about advertising:

      I’m a really thin woman, but I can’t do this. However, I know many people who can, both men and women, and many men and women who can’t. The thing is it’s not a gendered thing, it’s an individual people thing. Christopher Hart falls into the trap of thinking that just because we see (in society & in the media) women more often in certain poses, therefore it must be something women can do, and not men.


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