Korean Gender Reader


When Fans Buy Idols Lunch — A response to the Wall Street Journal (Seoulbeats)

Korean Teens Rage Against Cinderella Policy (The Waygook Effect)

Lee Hyori as a role model for younger female celebrities (10confessions)

South Korean actor throws open closet door (Los Angeles Times)

Silenced: Giving Children a Voice (Seoulbeats)

What crossdressing in K-pop says about patriarchy (My First Love Story)

This is not at all how to promote stopping child abuse (Copyranter)

K-Pop Fan Clubs: Friend, Foe and Fear (Inconseoulable)

New York City Department Of Health Targets Asians With Anti-Smoking Ads (NYULocal)

Infographic: The plight of China’s ‘leftover’ women (Shanghaiist)

Hyori points haters to the left (Seoulbeats)

More Koreans Put Off Marriage Till Their 40s (The Chosunilbo)

Gallery: Homoerotic Sino-USSR friendship propaganda (Shanghaiist)

Three decades of blackface in Korea (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Chinese mainland to crack down illegal organizing of pregnant women into HK (NPC; hat tip to @MaraHvistendahl)

Internet Porn Crackdown Campaign Continues in China (TechwireAsia; hat tip to @AsCorrespondent)

Fight Over Sexuality Festival Continues (Southeast-Asia Real Time)

Women In Korea: Glass Half Full or Empty? (Korea Real Time)

T-ara Eunjung’s “chubby” figure causes a stir (Omona!)

Ending the One-Child Policy (The Diplomat)

JYJ and Sasaeng Fan Hitting Incident: An Ugly Controversy (Seoulbeats)

International Women’s Day in Korea (Arirang)

‘Pretty boys’ in the days before boy bands and teen idols (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Korea Time Warps to Higher Fertility (Via Korea)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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