Korean Gender Reader

(Source: Busan Metro, March 14 2012, page 22)

A teaser for Monday’s post on Photoshop. Sorry that it’s taking so long, but as I type this I have my second cold in three weeks!

Why is NU’EST’s Ren Doing the Gender Bender? (Seoulbeats)

Korean Women’s Increasing Participation in Politics (Arirang)

Solo households changing Korean economy (The Korea Herald)

Why Kim Yoo-jung’s March Photo Spreads Are Not Age Appropriate (Seoulbeats)

One-On-One with Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Kim Kum-lae (Arirang)

Chinese parents call for anti-gay discrimination legislation (Shanghaiist)

Korea has biggest gender wage gap among OECD nations (The Dong-a Ilbo)

Metrosexual Koreans Seen as Guinea Pigs for New Cosmetics (The Chosun Ilbo)

Different Strokes: Being Biracial in Korean Entertainment (Seoulbeats)

For Some in Vietnam, Prosperity Is a South Korean Son-in-Law (The New York Times)

Why I Write About “Forbidden” Love in China (Speaking of China)

Transgender Actress Finds That Art Really Does Imitate Life (The Chosun Ilbo)

On Breastfeeding Resources in Korea (On Becoming a Good Korean {Feminist} Wife)

Blackface, Korean Media, and the Context of the American Vaudeville Show (Gord Sellar)

Alleged Rape Tests Bangkok (The Diplomat)

Women gather to push for progress in science (The Korea Herald)

US GIs in Gyeonggi-do to undergo sex crime prevention training? (The Marmot’s Hole)

It’s Not Sexist To Point Out the Dangers of Declining Birthrates (Double X)

A third child? (The Dong-a Ilbo)

Segregating children is wrong (The Korea Herald)

Same Old, Same Old: Why the Structure of Boy Groups Needs a Makeover (Seoulbeats)

Chung-Ang Univ. fights discrimination (The Korea Herald)

Idol manager of 10 years discloses his memories of sasaeng fans (Allkpop)

Who pays wedding expenses in an intercultural East-West relationship? (Shanghai Shiok)

Find a Korean Boyfriend (Noona Blog: Seoul)

Campaign to ban cosmetic surgery advertising in UK (The F Word)

K-drama Kisses: the Good, the Bad, and the WTF? (Seoulbeats)

Rape law to include male victims, but only minors (The Marmot’s Hole; see my Men Can’t Get Raped in Korea? for some background)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

3 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. Interesting how the minister for gender equality mentions household chores as a burden for women, but doesn’t seem willing to explore the idea that this factor should change… suggesting easier work conditions as a way of making up for this, instead of changing attitudes towards roles at home, or better parental leave for both husband and wife.


    1. Yeah, the fewer working hours thing caught my eye too. *shakes head* That and the fact that it was the woman’s place to take care of the home and children…how ’bout shaking up some gender stereotypes? Stay at home dads can do quite a stellar job thankyouverymuch.


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