Korean Gender Reader


First up this week, a run-down of all the sex crimes in the entertainment industry that have recently emerged:

April 19 – Open World Entertainment and The Ugly Side of K-pop (Seoulbeats)

April 25 – Sex crimes in showbiz industry jolt society (Korea Times)

April 25 – Manager reveals that there are brokers connecting actresses with “sponsors” (Allkpop)

April 25 – Anonymous Actress Says Sexual Harassment is Common in the Biz (Enewsworld)

April 29 – Open World Entertainment artists cleared of all charges + Company’s future uncertain (Omona)

April 30 – Sixth Grader Trainee Sexually Abused by Head of Entertainment Agency (Omona)

May 3 – Witness Says Sexual Abuse Goes On At 80% Of Agencies + A Sixth Grader Was Targeted (Asian Junkie)

May 8 – Open World Entertainment CEO officially charged with rape, accused idols get off scot-free (Omona)

May 8 – Open World Entertainment’s Jang Seok Woo charged with rape + idols get off on technicality (Asian Junkie)

May 8 – Police investigating former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook for alleged sexual assault (Allkpop)

May 9 – Korean government steps in to prevent entertainment agencies from defrauding trainees (Allkpop)

May 9 – Tackling the Entertainment Industry’s Dark Corners (Korea Realtime)

May 10 – Former idol group member assaults aspiring teenage singer (Korea Joongang Daily)

May 10 – South Korean government to crack down on sexual exploitation in the K-pop industry. Sure. (Angry K-pop Fan)

May 11 – Go Young Wook refutes allegations concerning his sexual assault case (Allkpop)

Next, a continuation of the English Spectrum Series at Gusts of Popular Feeling:

— Part 14: Segye Ilbo interview with the women from the party, part 2

— Part 15: Web messages draw Koreans’ wrath

— Part 16: Thai female laborers and white English instructors

— Part 17: ‘Regret’ over the scandal caused by confessions of foreign instructors

— Part 18: “Korean men have no excuse”

— Part 19: “Unfit foreign instructors should be a ‘social issue'”

— Part 20: ‘Clamor’ at foreigner English education site

— Part 21: Foreign instructor: “I want to apologize”

And now for the regular categories:


Controversial TV Priest claims Korea ‘Free from Homosexuality’ (Korea Bang)

The Meet Market: For Queers and Their Allies (Chincha)

Pop Culture:

“Heavy” Girls in K-pop (10 Confessions)

— ‘Sasaeng’ fans: who and why Part 1, Part 2, Extended Discussion (Angry K-pop Fan; see Maddie Loves K-pop here and here also)

Making Over Asia: Hallyu and Medical Tourism (Seoulbeats; also see Korean Bodega)

South Korea Tops Plastic Surgery Tables Again, Netizens React (Korea Bang)

Sexy Zone: This isn’t it (Appears)

SHINEE ignites racist scandal with anti-Native American performance (Omona)

Korean Entertainment and the War on Women (Seoulbeats)

What it’s like to work in (American) entertainment as an Asian female (Thick Dumpling Skin)

Female Stars’ Abused Feet from Kill Heels Captured (Soompi)

AV star Aoi Sora to debut in Korea as a singer and actress (Kpopseven)

Ladies Breaking the Idol Stereotype (Seoulbeats)

The Lost Monarchy (My Musings)

Cinderella Stories Don’t Exist: How K-dramas Got it All Wrong (Seoulbeats)

Pop Girls: J-Pop and K-Pop (The F-Word Blog)

What’s Wrong With Co-ed Groups? (Seoulbeats)


Here Comes the Bride? Marriage, Dating and Korean 30 Somethings (Inconseoulable)

Could a single pill save your marriage? (io9)

The average number of people in a Tokyo home has dropped below two for the first time (AlJazeera)

Spouses share their tales of life wedded to Koreans (The Korea Herald)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Shanghai Shiok! (Shanghai Shiok)

“Skins” Star Kaya Scodelario and Kim Soo-hyun for J.ESTINA (Seoulbeats)


Police Gain Legal Right to Forcibly Enter Homes of Domestic Abuse (KBS)

Is domestic violence taken seriously in Korea? (The Korea Herald)

Electronic anklets have little effect on sexual crimes (The Korea Times)

How Effective are the Korean Police? (The Korea Herald)

Working to Death at Samsung (Global Voices; The Hankyoreh)

Redefining Rape in South Korea (The Korea Herald)

‘Sexual Harassment Grandpa’ Asks Girl for Gangbang On Subway (Korea Bang)

Kim Lee: Chinese law has failed to protect me (Shanghaiist)


[Q&A] Do you intend to speak Korean language to your children? (Loving Korean)

On the Physicality of Motherhood (On Becoming a Good Korean [Feminist] Wife)

On Adventures in Feminist Parenting (On Becoming a Good Korean [Feminist] Wife)

More Kids from Cross-Cultural Marriages Start School (The Chosunilbo)

A Day For Forgotten Moms of Korean Adoptees (Korea Realtime)


What’s the Difference Between a “Gender Quota” and “Gender Balance”? (Feminist Law Professors)

The Gender Gap (Infidelworld)

More Korean women working abroad for construction companies (The Dong-a Ilbo)

Finance Ministry to Staff: Go Home (Korea Realtime)


New laws on smoking in Korea. News that affects nearly half of all Korean males. (Korea Law Today)

Military Service is a Privilege, Not a Duty (The Korea Herald)

‘Korea’s Helen Keller’ Turns Adversity into Opportunity (The Chosunilbo)

Full Frontal (Busan Mike)

Koreans Shop for Bigger Bottoms (The Chosunilbo)

South Korean women are surprisingly avid watchers of sporting events (Campaign Asia-Pacific)

A Korean Comic Wows Arab Crowds With an Insider’s Touch (The New York Times)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

7 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. /random I think the Eurocentrism involved in using the term “Westerners” to describe people from North America (“we as Westerners”) in Korea is funny, since the shortest path is to the east.


      1. Well, what I found particularly amusing in the link I followed was that it was an American in Korea self-referring as “Western”. But the truth is, everybody does it. We can probably thank the British Empire and all its glory for that ;). It’s not something that particularly bothers me (except for its lack of logic), it just amuses me.


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