Korean Gender Reader

With apologies for the short notice (my fault!), today is Korean Sex Workers’ Day, with a variety of cultural and informational activities planned, and a potluck dinner on Sunday. Please see Research Project Korea for further details.

Body Image/Health:

Hyomin’s thigh is smaller than her manager’s calf (Allkpop)

Seoul: Where even kids are fashionistas (Shanna’s 수다)

Tackling the overweight problem: “healthy” Japan is no exception (International Institute for Asian Studies)

Participant on ‘Hello’ struggles with her husband’s wish for her to be as slim as After School’s Uee (Allkpop)

Beauty Inside the DPRK: North Korean Ladies’ Hairstyles (Korea Bang)


Unnecessary Pixelating on Television (Dear Korea)


Rape victim suffered ‘ping-pong’ investigation (Asian Correspondent)

Shanghai Metro tells sexily-dressed female passengers to expect harassment (Shanghaiist)

Supreme court confirms a messy case of sexual harassment by police (The Hankyoreh)

Message sent from Korean victim of sex trafficking (The Korea Times)

Taekwondo Academy Director Detained for Rape of Pupils (Korea Bang)

Private tutor gets probation for molesting student (Asian Correspondent)


Is there a difference when someone refers to you as “애인” vs “여자친구”? (I’m No Picasso)

Getting Married in South Korea for 20 cents (Vegan Urbanite)

Who Do You Love?: Korean Ethnocentrism, International Couples and the Dating Dilemma (The Three Wise Monkeys)

Many Prefer to Stay Single Forever (The Chosun Ilbo)

Interracial Dating (cultural/ethnic) Black, White & Asian: PART 1 (The Vanguard Element)

The English Spectrum Series at Gusts of Popular Feeling:

Part 36: Viewers shocked by shameless acts of unqualified foreign instructors


Women Facing Harsh New Pressures in North Korea (International Herald Tribune)

Foreign English teachers get high and mock immigration (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Women and Girls Are the Solution, Not the Problem (The Unlikely Expat)

China’s Child-Swap Reality Show Highlights Class Divide (Tea Leaf Nation)


Should Koreans work less? (The Korea Herald)

Older Women Outnumber Younger Women in Employment (The Chosun Ilbo)

Company Loyalty: Cultural or Generational? (Geek in Heels)

Pop Culture:

Director says ‘Concubine’ sex scenes are complicated (Korea Joongang Daily)

Academic sources for K-pop/Hallyu studies (Angry K-pop Fan)

How Korean and Japanese youth culture has impacted the youth culture of Thailand: academic links (Angry K-pop Fan)

When fandoms become something more, again (SNSD Free-For-All)

“A primer for how weird Korean fans are so you know whether you’re creepier than them” (My First Love Story)

Four Minutes to Build a Case for Cultural Sensitivity (Seoulbeats)

A word about fan behavior (Angry K-pop Fan)

I’m Just a Fan: Korea’s Dedicated Pop Stalkers (Leisure Only; some NSFW images in sidebar)

At Odds: Idol Working Conditions and The Entertainment Biz (Seoulbeats)

Agencies will take steps to protect teenage entertainers (The Korea Times)

Confucianism and The Female Roles in K-dramas (Seoulbeats)

K-Pop ‘boom’ faltering in Japan, 70% of housewives dislike Hallyu (Omona They Didnt)

Do YouTube Views Really Matter? (Seoulbeats)


Chinese woman under house arrest for telling her story of forced abortion to German press (Want China Times)

School demographics (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Baby-Dearth Generation Start Primary School (The Chosun Ilbo)

How will a low birth rate and aging population affect Korea? (The Dong-a Ilbo)

KAIST chief objects to professors’ sense of privilege (The Korea Times)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

7 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. Did you read the ViaKorea article before you linked to it? Because it’s really pretty offensive and adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. I was already aware that lots of people consider fat western women to be sexually unattractive, and didn’t need the bonus observation about how Korean women all look alike.


    1. Sorry: frankly, I come across so many stories these days that I just glance at them really, but even I’m surprised at how I missed something as blatantly offensive as that. I’ll remove the link immediately.


  2. Although I’ve never commented on your blog, I’ve followed it for about a year now. Your gender readers are always so interesting :) Thanks for the great reads, as always~


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