Korean Gender Reader


Body Image/Health:

Sneaking in on Sarah in the shower (Matador)

Miss plastic fantastic? (The Korea Times)

Are tattoos still taboo in South Korea? (Angry K-pop Fan)

More Lookism: Koreans’ Nose Obsession (The Unlikely Expat)

Humanizing the Olympic Body (Nursing Clio)

Low-income women and high-income men show high obesity rate (The Korea Times)

The “underground rules” of China’s beauty pageant (Want China Times)

Street Harassment in Spain: What’s better? A culture where the objectification of women is in your face daily – but people acknowledge it exists? Or one where you know it’s there, but it hides malevolently? (Develled Dish)

After Bikini-Girl Ban, Cosplay in Spotlight (China Real Time Report)

Can women be in ads without someone yelling foul? (Adland.tv)

The Benefits(?) of Wearing a Short Skirt in China (You Offend Me You Offend My Family)


New sex scandal at Korea University (Asian Correspondent)

Korean Supreme Court overturns molestation conviction of pants-dropper (Asian Correspondent)

Child pornography VERY poorly monitored (The Korea Times)

Man Scolds 16-year-old for Spitting, Gets Beaten-up and Dies (Korea Bang)

Is the Punishment for Rape & Sexual Assault Too Light In Korea? (ROK Drop)


“Did you always want to marry an Asian guy?” (Speaking of China)

Korea to tighten rules on international marriage brokers (The Korea Herald)

Race as reflected in gender ratios within fictional bi-racial marriages (Hafu)

“The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men” Series at Gusts of Popular Feeling:

Part 9: The ‘Hidden camera sex video’ could spread… anxious police, idle university


Dinner, Movie, and a Dirty Sanchez (GQ)

PiFan 2012: Super Virgin (숫호구, Suthogoo) 2012 (Modern Korean Cinema)

Popular Korean Comic Book Depicts Exploitation, Abuse, & Murder of Prostitutes (With Conviction)


The Torture Chambers of Seoul (And With Your Help, I’ll Get That Chicken)


Blog Shoutout: Korean Gender Café 한국 젠더 카페

Newspaper Reports on Online Misogyny ‘Ladygate’ Trend in Korea (Korea Bang)

The truly inspiring story of the Chinese rubbish collector who saved and raised THIRTY babies abandoned at the roadside (The Daily Mail)

Actress Lee Shi Young wins amateur boxing championship, is actual baddest female in K-entertainment (Asian Junkie)

Getting a modeling job in Korea (Noona Blog: Seoul)


Female work force boosted as child care burden eases (Korea Joongang Daily)

North Korean grassroots capitalism has a female face (The Korea Times)

One-third of Korean workers bullied at office (Asian Correspondent; also see Women Bullying Women)

Shadow of the Japanese housewife (The Japan Times)

Samsung’s Female Executives Shatter South Korea’s Glass Ceiling (The Daily Beast)

Pop Culture:

Trying to make sense of the T-Ara controversy (Angry K-pop Fan)

Guilty until proven innocent: The lynch mob against T-ara and who’s really to blame (The Prophet Blog)

Why Homoerotic Fanservice is Just Not Okay (Seoulbeats)

Verbal Jint reveals “You Deserve Better” was inspired by story of domestic violence (Allkpop)

Idols, Twitter and Online Harassment (Seoulbeats)

A Debut Novel Considers the Angry Asian (Scene Asia)


Sex Differences in Attitudes Toward Paternity Testing (Psychology Today)

Caesarean sections result in infections for one in ten patients, study finds (The Guardian; also see Pregnancy, Caesareans and Body Image in Korea)

Disney Princesses Circa 2012: I’m Too Sexy For My Gown? (Peggy Orenstein)

Introducing: Cinderella 2012 (Peggy Orenstein)

Deadbeat Dads and No Show Moms: 1 million orphans in Korea (Occidentalism)

Will the foreigners PLEASE stop molesting women at the beach, Part II (The Marmot’s Hole)

More support on way for interracial families (The Korea Times)

Generational warfare: Young and old have different ideas on how to rebuild tsunami-stricken communities (The Economist)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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