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Not really related to Korea sorry, but the book sounds interesting, and I was impressed by the writing style of the reviewer at io9:

There’s also some heavy intellectual lifting going on in the background. The book doesn’t shy away from things like the politicization of the pregnant body, though it’s done so non-didactically, I wonder if a teen reader would even notice that what seems to be a standoff in a doctor’s office is really about the way different individuals view pregnant bodies and place value on them.

Click on the links for more. Meanwhile, I’ll be adding an “announcements” section to each KGR from now on, so if you ever have any fundraisers, meet-ups, public lectures and screenings, surveys, requests for information about lost loves etc., please let me know and I’ll add them here!


— Busan, Saturday 25th: Public screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, an award winning documentary about sex-trafficking. See Busan Haps for details.

The Noble Cause: Busan Salim Women`s Shelter (Busan Haps)

Bras for a Cause (Seoul), August 24-September 30 (Facebook Group)

UK Chinese Studies Student Seeks Chinese/Non-Chinese Couples for Dissertation Survey (Speaking of China)

Lost love at first sight (Noona Blog: Seoul)

Itaewon, Seoul: Auditions for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, September 1-2 (The Kimichi Queen)

Gay Friends in Seoul Meetup: Sunday 26th, Jongkak (The Kimchi Queen)

Volunteer Positions to Teach English to North Korean Defectors at Canadian Embassy (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Body Image/Health:

About G.NA’s Malnutrition and Fans’ Hypocrisy (Seoulbeats)

How Alysia Montano reminds the boys that they are getting beat by a girl (Yahoo!, via 10Confessions)

Doctors Misuse and Abuse Sleep Inducers on Patients (Human Rights Monitor: South Korea)

“Girls Get Curves” – combining math and body positivism (Work That Matters)


Controversial Launch of Online Music Video Rating (Global Voices)

Korea Policing the Net. Twist? It’s South Korea (The New York Times)

Music video ratings strike an off note (Korea Joongang Daily)

KARA may need to adjust “Pandora” dance for KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ (Allkpop)

Ding dong, the online real name system is dead (The Marmot’s Hole)


Admission officer system fails to sort out sexual offender (The Korea Times)

North Korea: Human Traffickers and the Chinese Market for Brides (The Daily Beast)

Victim of sexual violence tells her heartbreaking story (The Hankyoreh)

Ex-multiple rapist wearing electronic anklet nabbed for rape and murder (The Korea Times)


Double Happiness: Chinese Wedding Stories from Four Western Women (Speaking of China)

One Introvert, Finding Refuge (And Love) in China (Speaking of China)


Trans-Roadmap: a space for the transgender people (Ilda)

Struggling for acceptance, gay Christians find their own place of worship (Yonhap)

Getting It On: The Covert History of the American Condom (Collectors Weekly)

Thinking “Out of Bounds”: Masculinity, Male-to-Male Affection, and Athletics (The Feminist Wire)

Are Women More Bisexual Than Men? (Femiblogged)

XX파일 : X?파일 1회) XY로 태어나 XX의 삶을 선택한 그녀들의 고백 (Insite TV; video)

Taiwan women in same-sex Buddhist wedding (Diva Asia)

Taiwan same-sex union points to Asia shift on gay rights (France 24)

How one sociologist sizes up China’s sex trade (Shanghaiist)

Gayspeak: 철수 and 영희 (The Kimchi Queen)

Shin Dong Yeop, Hong Seok Cheon Become MCs for Korea’s First Transgender Talk Show (E News World)

Some reading on Korean attitudes towards AIDS (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Introducing Queer Corner 퀴어 코너 소개 with Guest Blogger Enzo Cho’Gath (Korean Gender Cafe)

공창제를 허하라, Should Korean government allow Licensed Prostitution? (Korean Gender Cafe)

Queer Corner: Five Questions / 게이생활: 동성애자의 첫인상 칠문 (Korean Gender Cafe)


Preachers and Drunkards: Seoul Subway Users’ Worst Enemy (Korea Bang)

Women allowed on bicycles as N. Korea turns wheels of change (itv News)

Photos from a Day in Taipei: A Monument, a Climb, and a Japanese AV Actress (Shanghai Shiok)

NYC Comedian Gets Attacked For Harassing Asians in Audience (I’m No Picasso II)

Should South Korea do more to assist North Korean women? (Korean Gender Cafe)

Smart Girls at the Party: “a fun reminder that you don’t have to be famous to be interesting, to matter, or to make a difference” (Thick Dumpling Skin)


More housewives become breadwinners (The Korea Times)

In Seoul, more women have become victims of the financial crisis than men (The Korea Times)

Call center workers suffer from sexual harassment, small pay (The Korea Times)

Pop Culture:

What exactly IS the message of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and what does it say about gender or dating? (Korean Gender Cafe; a follow-up to a previous post)

“There’s another entire discussion to be had about why Psy’s ‘Have enough self-confidence, and your dorkiness will become awesome’ message doesn’t seem to apply to females, who still need to be smoking hawt.” (SNSD Free for all)

Being White in K-Pop: Chad Future’s “Hello” MV (Seoulbeats)

Ma Boy serves up gender-bender school romance… with a twist (Dramabeans)

Why Psy’s “Gangnam Style” style went “American-style” and is the “Apt Pupil” of K-Pop (Scribblings of the Metropolitican)

Gangnam Style, Dissected: The Subversive Message Within South Korea’s Music Video Sensation (The Atlantic)

Smokin’ Hot or Smokin’ Not: Idols on Their Not-so-Best Behavior (Seoulbeats)

KBS casts body-swapper drama Oohlala Spouses (Dramabeans)


Korea charged with racial discrimination regarding HIV testing (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

To Boldly Go … Where Foreign Faces Speak Mandarin (Asia Society)

Hollywood and the Helpless Husband: “…if you’re watching a film about men taking care of babies, you’re watching a comedy. That hasn’t changed since the dawn of American cinema.” (Women’s Voices for Change)

Just Wait Until Your Mother Gets Home: Dads are taking over as full-time parents (New York Times)

The Myth of Looming Female Dominance (Sociological Images; a critique of the NYT article)

What am I teaching my son (mostly about driving)? (Surprises Aplenty)

South Korea upholds abortion ban (The Guardian)

Why is Samsung poking fun at foreigners speaking Korean? (Travel Wire Asia)

Foreign instructor at a university in Daejeon to be fired for internet postings (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

— Study: The older the dad, the more mutations he’s likely to pass on (io9; The Economist; The Washington Post)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

3 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. Re: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/n_feature/2012/08/09/72/4901000000AEN20120809004400315F.HTML , I knew Daniel Payne back in 2005 when he was an elementary school teacher. He was a class act, patient and kind, and seemed like the perfect candidate to become a minister. I’m glad he made it. He looks like he hasn’t aged at all – in fact he looks younger in that photo than when I knew him. Hopefully their church has the best of success with their goals.

    As for Psy making it big internationally, does it not seem to remind you a bit of the Macarena? A fun song with a catchy beat and a silly, easy to learn dance takes off even though it’s not in English – which seems to be what it takes for a non-English song to gain any popularity in the English-speaking world.


    1. Don’t have anything to add to what you wrote about Daniel sorry, although it’s good to hear some positive news for a change!

      As for Gangnam Style, actually I’ve only listened to it once, and encountering the typical comments to the Atlantic piece on it – not just those charming ones about me – have frankly put me off from reading anything else about it for now. But, actually answering your question sorry, I can see your point about non-English songs, and it would be interesting to see if it were true (although there probably is some journal article on it already out there!).


  2. I was watching PSY – Gangnam Style (not to beat a dead horse) and realized something interesting in the video – basically the use of space and the general themes of extravagance and money. So many of the shots are super wide, showing enormous spaces. I wonder if this is a way to convey the sense of money (as space is commodified and not something Korea or Gangnam has a lot of). The video also harkens back to a comment I remember a Korean saying about “everything in the US being so wide”.

    Anyway just an interesting thing I noticed…back to horse ride dancing around.


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