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A poster for Papa (파파; 2012), a rare Korean movie about a genuinely multicultural family. For a review, see YAM Magazine here.


Actresses! The Gwangju Vagina Monologues 2013! The Search Begins (KoreaMaria)

KUMFA is looking for three volunteers to babysit while moms are receiving barista training (Tales of Wonderlost)

Seoul’s LGBT Film Festival is Traveling [to other cities]! (The Kimchi Queen)

Women’s Self-defense Classes in Busan (Busan Haps)

2012 Manhwa Art Exhibition : The Colour of Change at Korean Cultural Centre UK (London Korea Links)

Body Image, Health

Destination: BK Plastic Surgery Museum (Travel Wire Asia)

KARA member Nicole’s serious diet regimen attracts attention (Allkpop)

Embracing My Monolids: How I Learned To Work With What I’ve Got (Mochi Magazine)

Seoul schools cracking down on students’ hair length (The Hankyoreh)

Is consumer nationalism relevant today? (The Korea Herald)

Why Barbie Stumbled in China and How She Could Re-invent Herself (Forbes)

Pic of the day: A quick vocabulary lesson in Chinese fashion buzzwords (Ministry of Tofu)

Censorship, Media

The ROK Government’s War on Porn (Idiots’ Collective)


‘5 million robbery, theft cases unreported in 2011’ (The Korea Times)

Police searching for suspect after English teacher sexually assaulted by taxi driver in Gwangju (The Marmot’s Hole)

Abusive father sentenced to prison (The Hankyoreh)

Korea’s new recreational drug problem. The “milk shot.” (Korea Law Today)

Dating, Relationships, Marriage

Dating Korean guy – the clash of prejudices (Loving Korean)

For better luck in life and love, some Koreans change their names (The Korea Times)

Four Lame Reasons Why Western Women Won’t Date Chinese Men (Speaking of China)

‘Asian Playboy’: You Know You Want to Be One (Radical Ramblings)

Education, Parenting, Demographics

Korean mother trying to get her kid back after English teacher husband runs away to America with child (The Marmot’s Hole)

Chinese think tank urges end to one-child policy (Asian Correspondent)

Elderly Chinese coming down with the “urbanization blues” (Want China Times)

A declining Japan loses its once-hopeful champions (The Washington Post)

Asia’s Competition for Brides (Asia Sentinel)

For Asians, School Tests Are Vital Steppingstones (The New York Times)

The politics of ageing in South Korea (My Sinchew)

Singer of mixed ethnicity founds school for multicultural children (The Hankyoreh)

Should the Adoption Tax Cut be Renewed? (Tales of Wonderlost)

Divorcing couples with children to get mandatory education (Korea Joongang Daily)

30 percent of SNU postgrads can’t study because of excessive tasks demanded by supervisors (Human Rights Monitor)

Economics, Politics, Workplaces, Ladygate

Korean Male Union & Sexual Harassment 남성연대와 성희롱 (Korean Gender Cafe)

Opaque, top-down system leaves some expats bitter (The Korea Herald)

Koreans Don’t Want Male Nurses, Men Rejected from Nursing Schools (Human Rights Monitor)

Issue of Temporary Workers a Hot Potato Topic (Human Rights Monitor)

GM Korea commits to goal of 25% female workforce by 2015 (Korea Joongang Daily)

Samsung now hires more women, underprivileged (Korea Joongang Daily)

The Korean gender equality myth (Korea Joongang Daily)

Despite facing some inequality, women worldwide rate their well-being nearly the same as men (Deseret News)

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Is Now the Third Most Popular YouTube Video Ever. Here Are Numbers 1 and 2. (The Atlantic)

China, South Korea: Gangnam Style in Chinese Universities (Global Voices)

Gangnam jockeying for center of ‘hallyu’ tourism (The Korea Times)

‘Glee’ Goes ‘Gangnam Style’ (Korea Realtime)

Why PSY? (Big Hominid’s Hairy Chasms)

“Gangnam Style” creates tourism boom for Korea (Brand Republic)

Gangnam Style exposes Seoul’s folly (FT)

Riding the Korean Wave From ‘Gangnam Style’ To Global Recognition (Global Asia)

Psy’s follow up song to “Gangnam Style” postponed (Allkpop)

LGBT, Sexuality

Cops looking at Japanese websites on Korean prostitution (The Marmot’s Hole)

Imbalance of Power and Rape in the Korean Gay Community (Korean Gender Cafe)

[Special reportage- part III] Runaways’ prostitution (The Hankyoreh)

[Special reportage- part IV] Runaways live with the pain of rape (The Hankyoreh)

Gay Celebrity Tweets Halloween Party Photos, Netizens Argue (Korea BANG)

One woman’s controversial campaign to legalize prostitution in China (The Economist)

Coming out in the countryside (Seeing Red in China)

Taiwan Gay Pride Draws Thousands Pushing For Same-Sex Marriage (The Huntington Post)

The Most Influential LGBT Asian Icons (The Huntington Post)


Rise of the Tiger Nation (The Wall Street Journal)

UN body recommends alternative to military service (The Hankyoreh)

Beautiful Defectors: An Exploration of South Korea’s “Now on My Way to Meet You” (Sino-NK)

One in nine defector women work in tea houses, bars (The Marmot’s Hole)

Tackling the Myth of the ‘Super-Asian’ (Scene Asia)

Is Ladies’ Paradise (of consumerism) a Man’s Creation? (Korean Gender Cafe)

Pop Culture

“No sluts allowed in dramaland?” Yoochun’s fans demand firing of his co-star (Dramabeans)

Bad Girls Do It Well: Policing Korea’s Idols, Part I (Mixtapes and Liner Notes)

TV Hosts Too Sexy For Morning Show, Netizens Disagree (Korea BANG)

Cloud Atlas under fire for casting white actors in ‘yellowface’ makeup (The Guardian)

50 Shades of Racism: Cloud Atlas Yellowface (Asianaut)

Variety As a Source of Controversy: What Gives? (Seoulbeats)

How big is Iron Man 3’s “Fu Manchu” problem? (io9)

What’s Happened to DSP Media? (Seoulbeats)

NU’EST detained because of their fans (new levels of obsession unlocked!) (Enewsworld)

K-pop and Escaping Real Life (Seoulbeats)

With Suzy as JYP’s sole breadwinner, is JYP at risk of losing their ‘Big 3’ title? – Basically a Suz (Omona They Didnt!)

Why Do You Like K-Pop? (The Atlantic Wire)

The K-pop Formula: Cute or Sexy, Pick Your Poison (Seoulbeats)

K-Pop Film Shortlisted for Amsterdam Docu Awards (The Chosun Ilbo)

Solbi reveals how she proved it wasn’t her in alleged sex tape (Allkpop)

Twitter: where idols publicize private matters (Angry K-pop Fan)

On the T-Ara Scandal: Look out, kid, they keep it all hid (Frank Kogan)

Cultural Appropriation in J-pop (J-Popping)

Big in Japan: J-Pop, by Canadians (Scene Asia)

Social Problems

Half a million disabled suffer for 12 hours a day (The Hankyoreh)

Three Teenage Girls Jump to Their Death in Busan (Busan Haps)

Experts call for overhaul of system to assist the disabled (The Hankyoreh)

South Korea: Need to show more commitment to improve its human rights record (Human Rights Monitor)

Revised rules restrict migrant workers’ rights to choose jobs (The Hankyoreh)

Hospital banned from providing free medical care to the poor (The Hankyoreh)

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7 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. MOGEF Double Standards: Why Hyuna Gets a Pass, But Ga-in Doesn’t by Mark at Seoulbeats.

    With “Ice Cream,” Cube is literally mocking MOGEF with so many crude displays of indirect sexual references and imitations of pornography. Meanwhile, MOGEF turns a blind eye, allowing them to get away with it. In the end, Hyuna’s MV escapes the grips of MOGEF largely because it isn’t a direct depiction of sex, and because it conforms to the parameters of the male gaze through its fulfillment of a man’s sexual desires.


    1. Thanks. I should have put it up myself. It’s just that I planned to do a big mega-post about Bloom, Ice-Cream, and I Don’t Need a Man, so I planned to cover articles like that there instead of just posting links in KGRs…but before I know it, 3 weeks have passed and I’m no closer to writing it…although I do have a folder full of 70+ related articles. So, sorry about that, and I should have just admitted defeat and posted some of the links!


    1. I’m not exactly sure sorry. I just know that when I use Hootsuite to simultaneously post to Twitter, the TGN FB page, and my own personal FB page, it technically links to a networkedblogs page rather than my site (although the hits are still counted).


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