Korean Gender Reader, 19-25 January

Gender Programming by Sinfest(“Gender Programming” by Sinfest. Click on the image for the full strip)

The new, lite version. Sorry if anyone relied on the categories in the previous version, but 1) they were always pretty loose and arbitrary anyway (many stories could go into several), and 2) they didn’t really seem appropriate with me deliberately going for a good mix of subjects now, rather than simply collecting every story I came across. Grouping them into five at a time does make for easy mental navigation though (i.e., see what’s available for one day, move on to the next), and if you’re impatient it only takes about a minute (yes — I’ve timed!) to read the titles of all the thirty-five links available.



On Dragon’s Dol (On Becoming a Good Korean Feminist Wife; Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Lawmakers moving to set a quota for women directors at public institutions (The Korea Herald)

What are thigh gaps and why you probably aren’t going to get one from weight loss (Angry K-pop Fan)

Korean Culture Through K-pop 102: Korean Nationalism Uncovered (Seoulbeats)

— Gay in Korea: an interview with an American expat living in Seoul (Mapping Words)


Realizing Park’s vision on gender equality (The Korea Herald)

Why Westerners Screw Up Meeting Older Koreans (Meet me at the wall)

The problematic social norms of “I Got a Boy” (My Musings)

Netizens admit to being overly harsh with female stars (Netizen Buzz)

Lee Hi Shocks Fans With Training Details (Omona They Didn’t!)


Another Friend, Another Divorce in China (Speaking of China)

The 2005 English Spectrum Incident, Part 10: ‘Recruit a Yankee strike force!’ (Gusts of Popular Feeling; Part 11; Part 19)

Korean government’s glass ceiling is intact (Korea Joongang Daily)

Kodansha is figuring out that using the kid in the nude photoshoot with Kasai Tomomi was a bad idea (Asian Junkie; NSFW?)

South Korea’s college-educated women complain about income, employment disparities (Press TV Video {automatic}; The Korea Times)


Korea last in OECD in female graduate employment (The Korea Herald; The Korea Economic Daily)

Do men really have higher sex drives than women? (io9)

“The Sexy Lie” by Dr. Caroline Heldman (TEDx): Great lecture about female sexual objectification and its damaging effects (Angry K-Pop Fan)

Saesang fan drugs himchan’s drink (Omona They Didn’t!)

Life in Plastic: Fantastic? (Outside Seoul)


Korea builds first ever school for victims of bullying AND bullies (Netizen Buzz)

High-end call girl service busted (The Marmot’s Hole)

South Korean animation: is the underdog finally having its day? (The Guardian)

Will Hosting the Special Olympics Change Koreans’ Views on the Disabled? (Korea Realtime)

Human Rights Committee Criticizes Seocho-gu Office for Banning Ad Promoting Gay Awareness (Tales of Wonderlost)


Japanese finance minster wants old people to “hurry up and die” (io9; Visual Anthropology of Japan)

What is “Men’s Korea” (formerly Boslachi)? (Korean Gender Cafe)

Sean Hayes in the Christian Science Monitor on Korean Adoptions (The Korean Law Blog; The Hankyoreh)

So-called “Reverse Sexism” in Korea (Korean Gender Cafe)

The Promise and Perils of Feminist Criticism in Chinese Studies (Dissertation Reviews)


— “Memoirs of a Geisha” source gets fed up and writes her own memoir to set the record straight (Tales of Wonderlost)

For surgery, some patients prefer a woman’s touch (Korea Joongang Daily)

Queer Culture in Japan (Rainbow Arts Project)

Go Young Wook to Be Indicted for Sexually Harassing Minors (Omona They Didn’t!)

“Here are the best [Asian-American] responses to ‘Paper Tigers,’ in my opinion” (Phenomenology/Intervention)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

6 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader, 19-25 January

    1. Sorry for the late reply, and *ahem* for not even knowing what the Paper Tigers thing is exactly. Honestly, I’ve been a bit absorbed for the past week (well, month really) in research and writing offline stuff, and KGR aside, I’m kinda slowly waking up to the fact that I’ve still got a blog to write…

      Anyway, I’ll try to check out that link and get back to you tomorrow. Sorry again!


  1. This site is a waste of time, more information about labour rights and the rights of workers is needed. Nothing much here for people to read. Also this site is not easy to use.


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