Korean Gender Reader, 2-8 Feb.

The Man Who Loved Books(Source)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything this week folks; I’ve gotten just a little too lost in my offline writing work and research this vacation. But with only 3 weeks left of the semester break though, I’m slowly returning to a more normal schedule, and will try to start posting more regularly from next week.

Until then, have a good 설날 everyone, and make sure not to miss Bittersweet Joke, a documentary about unwed mothers in Korea, playing on BBC World at 6:30pm, Saturday Feb 9. See Tales of Wonderlost for the details.


What do Jack Nicholson and Co-Ed School have in common? (Angry K-Pop Fan)

Sexual harassment education in cartoon form (ILDA)

Everything you ever wanted to know about aegyo (My First Love Story)

The reality of the Korean acting industry as told by an anonymous actor of 10 years (Netizen Buzz)

South Korea slips lower in press freedom index (Asian Correspondent; Global Voices; The Marmot’s Hole; koreaBANG)


Nudes in Korean art (The Korea Herald)

The (Korean) Military Doesn’t Get Respect (Sorry, I Was Drunk)

Peaceshannon’s Conference Speech on Korea’s Special Adoption Law (Tales of Wonderlost)

Why Are We Still Talking About Sunye’s Non-pregnancy? (Seoulbeats)

Rapist of 8-year-old in Naju sentenced to life in jail (Korea Joongang Daily)


Alternative living in Korea: 3 women philosophers farming in the woods (ILDA)

“It is no surprise that Asian women are the most popular women of color in porn…” (Phenomenology/Intervention)

AKB48 member’s ‘penance’ shows flaws in idol culture (The Japan Times; The Guardian; Asian Junkie, 1, 2, 3, 4; io9; Frank Kogan; The Atlantic)

Government Report: Korea Ranked #1 for Sex with Minors in Southeast Asia (Idle Worship)

Park Geun-Hye & Fashion: Still HATE this Double Standard (Korean Gender Cafe)


Korea still has too few women execs (The Korea Herald)

The “Room Thing” And Other Indirect Chinese References to Sex (Speaking of China)

Actress Kim Nam Joo praised for admitting that she starves to maintain her perfect figure (Netizen Buzz; Korean women in their late 20s miss avg. 4.5 meals a month)

Villages paying parents to have more children (The Hankyoreh)

Korean plastic surgeon shares his views on industry regulations (South China Morning Post)


U.S. Increases Crackdown on Chinese and Korean Birth Tourism “Maternity Hotels” (Idle Worship)

Getting an HIV/AIDS check in Seoul (The Kimchi Queen)

Korean government to push passage of anti-discrimination bill (The Marmot’s Hole)

Hwang Woo-seok extracted ovaries without patients’ knowledge or consent (ILDA)

Gay Korean Actor Reveals Coming Out Struggles (The Kimchi Queen; E News World; Global Voices)


K-pop’s Not All Gold and Diamonds, Boy (Seoulbeats)

South Korean Flight Attendants Fight for the Right to Wear Pants (Jezebel; The Seattle Times; The Huffington Post)

An estimated 16 million Chinese women are married to gay men & don’t know it (Bloomberg)

Why Girls Love “Boys’ Love”: The World of K-Pop Fanfiction (The One Shots)

The 2005 English Spectrum Incident Part 31: Anti-English Spectrum founder’s statement (Gusts of Popular Feeling)


“I Got A Boy” & SNSD In-Flux (The Mind Reels)

The emergence of K-pop: a history from Lee to Gee (Koreanology)

Screenings of White Night, Suddenly Last Summer and Going South with English Subtitles (The Kimchi Queen)

Suzy crowned the CF queen of 2012 (Omona They Didn’t)

QROK Radio: the only radio station in English by, for and about the GLBTQ community (The Kimchi Queen)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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