Korean Gender Reader, March 16-22

While You Were Sleeping 10, 2011, by Shin Sun Mi(While you were sleeping 10 by Shin Sun Mi, 2011. Source)

Remember this picture? I’ll wager you do — after all, it was probably the most liked and highly-shared thing I’ve ever posted to the blog’s Facebook page. So, I’m sure many of you will be happy to learn that the artist is having an exhibition at the Gallery Sun Contemporary in Jongno until April 7th…

See here for the details, and thanks very much to Gomushin Girl for letting me know!


Art Workshop for V-day, GIC, Gwangju, 5:30pm, Saturday March 30th (No previous experience required!)


Landmark legal ruling for South Korean transgenders (The Hankyoreh)

Zinni and crew hilariously not innocent on Music Bank (Frank Kogan)

Queer Links from the Week (The Kimchi Queen)

School administration shown to have responded poorly to signs of violence (The Hankyoreh)

Perfect Match? North Korean Wives for South Korean men (NK News)


BBC’s Mariko Oi on the history education in Japan (The Marmot’s Hole)

Japan’s nationalism targets hallyu stars (The Korea Times; also see “Japanese step up against anti-Korea demonstrations” at The Korea Herald and at koreaBANG)

Women’s Bodies Given Away For Medical Experiments (ILDA)

“Contract Marriages” Between Korean Gays and Lesbians (The Kimchi Queen)

Chinese parents bemoan their children’s laziness and greed, but this generation of young people has had enough (aeon)


Citizens’ choices of birth control made public in Dongguan (Shanghaiist)

K-pop and Korean Political Unrest (Seoulbeats)

Transsexual people can amend official gender without surgery, South Korean court rules (Gaystarnews)

A new message from Anti English Spectrum (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Divorcing Your Chinese Spouse Doesn’t Mean A Divorce From China (Speaking of China)


The ironies of South Korea’s “digital generation” (The Hankyoreh)

South Korean Drama Actor Park Si-hoo in Rape Scandal (koreaBANG; A Koala’s Playground)

The K-Pop Police (Youtube Video; Steve Miller)

South Korea Expands Chemical Castration For Sex Offenders (Korea Realtime)

On the uniqueness of ‘Jeong’ and my inability to understand even if I tried really really hard (Idle Worship; The Marmot’s Hole)


Women’s lotions and potions in old Joseon (London Korea Links)

Finding (and Documenting) Love in China (Scene Asia)

Managers blackmail actor engaging in homosexual acts (Omona They Didn’t!)

Caution, Don’t Feed the Fans! (Seoulbeats)

Cross-Dressing Throughout History to Fit In (Slate)


China’s One-Child Policy Already Irrelevant? (Asia Society)

Park Geun-hye & Fashion: A Late-comer to the Race to Ascribe Stereotypes to the President (Korean Gender Cafe)

Wonju villa sex scandal keeps getting better (The Marmot’s Hole; koreaBANG)

Here come the princesslings: will the daughters of China’s new leaders finally break the glass ceiling? (Shanghaiist)

The Pregnant Murderer of Park Chorong-Chorong-Bitnari (Gord Sellar)


Vietnam’s Gender Policies Take a Progressive Turn (The Diplomat)

Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Just in the Seoul Streets (Tales of Wonderlost; update)

New South Korean Law Might Make Miniskirts Illegal (koreaBANG; Omona They Didn’t)

MTV’s Korean Drama Butterfly to Raise Awareness on Human Trafficking (The Diplomat)

“Blogging in Korea for so long…I’m watching the exact same conversations happen all over again” (I’m No Picasso)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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