«Coeur Kamikaze 心與海» by The Rodeo with Huan Huan 緩緩—Playing in Seoul This Friday-Tuesday

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes. Source: The Rodeo @Facebook.

I was intrigued by the title alone, frankly. But the song itself proved mesmerizing:

With “elements of indie and psych rock,” Coeur Kamikaze “is a song about loneliness, about missing someone deeply during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic,” by French-Vietnamese singer-musician “The Rodeo” (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Homepage) in collaboration with Taiwanese band “Huan Huan 緩緩” (Facebook, Youtube), and something I was really looking forward to seeing performed by the artist herself in Busan next week.

Unfortunately, that performance has since been cancelled, but Seoulites, who get all the luck, can still see her this Friday to Tuesday.

Meanwhile, to any fellow confused Gen-Xers out there—the song you’re probably thinking of, or at least the one which Coeur Kamikaze instantly reminded me of, is the ATB remix of It’s a Fine Day from the late-1990s:

Which today I learned was based on a 1992 cover by Opus III of the 1983 original written by Edward Barton. Enjoy!

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