Scream — 2NE1 (Korean Version)

Last week, I found Trance Blossom’s remix (download) of 2NE1’s Scream, and have only danced in my room to it (and surreptitiously on the subway) about 20 times since. Unfortunately, the accompanying video was smote by the copyright gods, but, 2NE1 being 2NE1, I was still looking forward to the MV of the orginal…

No, not quite what I was expecting. But hell: the dancing, costumes, and make-up ain’t half bad.

Meanwhile, here is the original Japanese version. I haven’t been able to find one with accompanying lyrics and English translations, but you can see find both here:

Yes, despite the date, this really did happen to me today…I guess I got rickrolled K-pop style. And now, you too!^^