Music Break: Two K-pop Gems You’ve Been Missing

I’d like to like Misogyny Drop Dead by Planningtorock, but agree with a commenter that its more “experimental” and “obscure” than something you can actually dance to.

As for that “problem” though, the author definitely has a point. Just type “trance” into a Youtube search and see for yourself:

Trance Music ObjectificationThoughts? Any more quality K-pop (or covers or remixes) out there that should be much better known? Would you say the objectifying imagery is simply because — I assume — most of the DJs are male? Or some other reason?

*Update: Link is just about the regional Wellington competition sorry. Any sources on the national competition would be appreciated.

Looking for K-pop Remixes?

(Sources: left, right, top-right)

Blame Greek DJ Areia’s trance remixes for my falling in love with K-pop last year, and indeed I’m still a big fan of his. But I’ve noticed that while there seem to be plenty of other good remixers out there, it can be really difficult to find them if you don’t already know who they are. Add that now I know where the quality K-pop is too, then frankly I’ve given up looking.

Enter Christine of Pop88, who actually regularly showcases remixers’ work all together in one convenient short podcast. Make sure to check out her latest episode here, and also her deeper K-pop and sociological commentary at 8Asians!^^