New Bodypainting Nudes by Kim Joon (김준)

Having waxed lyrical about his work back in May, then it would be selfish of me not to share these new pictures of bodypainting artist Kim Joon’s (김준) that I happened to come across recently. Unfortunately though, they come from the lobby of the Jeonju Hite Beer factory (“전주에 있는 하이트 맥주 공장을 견학 하면서 바디 페인팅 광고가 눈에 들어와서”) rather than from a new exhibition, although on the bright side that opens the possibility that managers of Korean Starbucks branches might get similarly moved by the Starbucks version of his “branded” works.

I am still very interested in seeing an exhibition of his for myself though, but given that even Kim Joon’s own website doesn’t mention upcoming ones then it can be very hard to find any information about them in advance. And so I apologize, for after a little digging I learned that by complete coincidence a few new pieces of his work were actually being displayed in Daegu at about the time this photo was taken, as part of a wider exhibition entitled “From the Roots to the Being Now” (근원으로부터 현제까지), but unfortunately that finished two weeks ago.

By way of compensation then, let me direct you to the 2008 page of his website, where he does seem to have added several new images since I wrote that first post, and there are many more on the website of the Boxart Gallery in Verona, Italy, where there was an exhibition of his work in June and July. On top of that, here’s a 52 page PDF catalog of much of his work available as a zip file, here’s a description of the exhibition, below is yet one more recent work (source), and finally here’s a surreal 3D video of his from 2004 too, which I confess I don’t care for myself, but which will still probably be the strangest thing you and I will ever see while listening to what seems to be chanting from a Korean Buddhist temple.

Am I forgiven?^^ Seriously though, if any readers do ever hear about any upcoming exhibitions of his in Korea then please pass on the details, for considering how many there have been overseas just in the past year then his domestic appearances must be quite rare unfortunately.

8 thoughts on “New Bodypainting Nudes by Kim Joon (김준)

  1. Although, in my eyes, the HITE ad piece is nice work with a good composition, much better than the 2nd one (James–Since removed. It can still be seen here) but that one has a much more interesting imagery display although the grain pattern effect on it makes me wonder if it’s a CGI alteration, I find the paint image not so interesting. The third one doesn’t look like CGI at all, I’d really like to see some more Escher-like patterns (which is a lot more work and much more difficult) but it would be really interesting art to view with skin-canvas as displayed in the latter two pictures.

    I enjoyed the Real Human Body Exhibit(, anyone seen that?


  2. Crusnik,

    as I discuss in the earlier post, no-one’s really sure of what he does exactly but it does appear to be a combination of body paint and computer graphics.

    It’s not really related, but yeah, my wife and I saw the Human Body exhibit in Seoul a few years ago, and we highly recommend it. Despite how it may sound, it wasn’t at all macabre, and was very educational. I’ll take my kids once they’re old enough to understand it.


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