Because a woman’s legs can NEVER be too thin…

After all, why settle for mere sausage legs when you can have drumsticks instead?

korean-diet-advertisement-for-legsFound in passing while flicking through a discarded copy of the Korean version of the Metro International, a free daily newspaper. While it’s obvious what it’s advertising, I was sufficiently curious to find out what it was saying exactly:

나는 원래 윤아보다 다리가 섹시했다

다만 쥬비스 관리를 몰랐을 뿐!

Originally my legs were sexier than Yoona’s, but the only problem was I didn’t know about the care that Juvis (the name of the diet clinic) could provide.

내 다리는 원레 백만불짜리 다리,

세월의 무게를 견디기위해

점점 두꺼워져 갔지

이제 쥬비스로 관리받아

예전의 각선미를 되찾을거야!

Originally my legs looked like a million dollars, but in order to get through life my legs got thicker and thicker. Now, through Juvis I am going to receive a service that will restore my legs to their former beauty!

더 즐거워진 쥬비스 체험 EVENT

A more enjoyable Juvis experience event

3월부터 쥬비스의 다양한, 관리시스템이 새롭게 시작됩니다! 이벤트 기간 동안 신규 패키지를 동록하시는 고객께 새로운 관리시스템 중 2개의 이벤트 프로그램을 무료로 체험할 수 있는 혜택을 드립니다.

From March, Juvis will introduce a more varied body care system. For those that register, you will receive the benefits of experiencing two event programs for no extra charge.

여자가 꿈꾸던 라인

쥬비스에서 관리하세요 몸이 즐겨운 다이어트

The line that women have dreamt about

Get the care and a diet enjoyable for your body at Juvis

쥬비스 다이어트가 즐거운 이유:

  • 몸이 힘들지 않아서 즐겁다
  • 요요를 완벽히 잡아서 즐겁다
  • 부작용이 없어서 즐겁다
  • 탄력까지 살려줘서 즐겁다
  • 원하는 부위가 빠져서 즐겁다
  • 추가 부담이 없어서 즐겁다

Reasons why a Juvis diet is enjoyable:

  • It is not tiring for the body
  • Your weight will not go up and down like a yoyo
  • There are no side-effects
  • You will revive your body’s elasticity and bounce
  • You can lose weight from the body parts you want to
  • There are no additional charges


2 thoughts on “Because a woman’s legs can NEVER be too thin…

  1. It amazes me that college-educated women might purchase cream to make their legs thinner. Ironically both Japanese Miss Universe Rio Mori and Miss Korea Honey Lee, on the advice of the same consultant, did exercises to build up their legs muscles in order to conform to the beauty ideals of the Miss Universe pageant.


  2. It should have amazed me too come to think of it, but probably I’m a bit deadened to that sort of thing after arguing with my wife last summer over whether the gelatin used in sanitary napkins can cause Mad Cow disease.

    Thanks for the anecdote about beefing up for Miss Universe though, it’ll be good to use next time I hear someone tell me that their legs are too fat!


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