The Real World…

Back Seung Woo Eiffel Tower

Unfortunately, my two young daughters have never really granted me the spare weekends, money, or energy required to pursue my fledgling interest in creative Korean art, but I still subscribe to the odd art and/or photography blog, and am particularly interested in the theme of juxtapositions. Still, I’ve never really seen anything quite like this “Real World” series by Back Seung Woo though, in which the juxtapositions are so subtle and so well blended together that they can take a few seconds to register, however glaring they may be in hindsight. Someone unfamiliar with Korean-style apartments for instance, and/or the area around the base of the Eiffel Tower, could well take some convincing that that’s not the real thing above…let alone that it’s actually a 50cm high model.

For more images and information about his work, see the Asian Photography Blog here (image source: Gana Art).


4 thoughts on “The Real World…

  1. Was updating the post while you wrote that sorry! The (second) New York shot was a bit more obviously fake, so I deleted it.

    Given the Korean apartments in the background to the Eiffel Tower shot, then I’m 100% certain that it was taken in Korea.


  2. These are from Aiins World in Bucheon. It’s an outdoor theme park of miniature versions of various famous buildings and other landmarks from around the world.


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