The Best Take on Sexism in Advertising EVER!

Not technically Korean sorry, but it has a universal message…and I’m still laughing even on my fourth tenth viewing (especially at the guy)!

True, the part at 0:18 was a little confusing and unnecessary, but otherwise it’s a classic.


10 thoughts on “The Best Take on Sexism in Advertising EVER!

  1. Great stuff from the Peep Show lads there. Uhh… what is the name of that show. It’s one of the funniest sketch shoes the BBC have put out in a while. Rule Britannia!


  2. The bit at 0:18 is referring to ‘lady pads’ they have on TV which are aimed at incontinent women in the adverts. They have them on British TV anyway.. What made you think that was inappropriate?


  3. We have those incontinence pad ads in Australia as well. That show is called “The Mitchell and Webb Look”. You do good work James. I like to check out this blog from time to time.


    1. James, Mark–It’s been 9 years since I’ve lived in a Western country, so I’m probably out of touch when it comes to Western advertising, but when I left at least incontinence pads were only marketed to women (and men) much older than the women in this skit. So from my perspective it seemed out of place and confusing, and regardless I thought the slight “ick” factor it generated detracted from the humor. But no big deal of course, and if incontinence pads are indeed advertised to younger and younger women in Western countries these days, then I’m happy to be corrected.

      Thanks for the compliment Mark!


  4. Unfortunately the British adverts generally start with something along the lines of: “One in four women over the age of 40 suffer from…” Which is what makes this sketch so funny, and so true! Mitchell and Webb are very good I must say.


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