10 Magazine’s New Website Campaign

For more information, go to the campaign website here. Pure donations are very welcome of course, but as an added incentive, free books, art exhibition tickets, and restaurant meals are available for specific donation amounts. I myself bought a 12-month subscription to the magazine for just $27, which I should have done years ago!


7 thoughts on “10 Magazine’s New Website Campaign

  1. If I were in Korea, I would absolutely avail of this service. I wish I had known about it while I was there because I had a hard time knowing what events were going on with so many magazines in Korean and the English ones having little info of interest other than global news. I would have made an effort to go find things rather than just being surprised when I stumbled upon an event.


  2. The link isn’t working for me for some reason. I don’t get it, though – they are a profit-making business, aren’t they? And they’re asking for donations?

    I have a copy of their latest issue in front of me right now. It’s chock full of adverts from the Millennium Hilton. Lufthansa, Caffe Bene, Citibank … and they want ME to chip in, too? Someone explain, please.

    And, don’t they already have a website? http://www.10mag.com/ ?


    1. Apparently they want it to be more interactive, but I suppose their profits mostly go towards salaries, so maybe it’s not in their budget to hire a web-designer to make a website (which they seemingly need $3000 for, which is not unreasonable for web-design).


        1. I guess technically it is a business, but I doubt they’re making much profit, so I think it’s quite reasonable to ask for help to improve a service they’re already providing so cheaply. At $27 for a 1 year subscription for instance, I’m paying a whopping $2.25 per magazine (and of course the website is and will be free).

          I grant though, that they probably won’t get many donations. But I’m sure they’ll be equally if not even more grateful for extra subscriptions instead.

          p.s. I’d go stronger than Geun and say that I’ve thought for a long time that their current website quite frankly sucks, so it was the least I could do to get a subscription to help them get enough money to update it.


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