Open Thread #16


As this post goes up, I’ll be at Gimhae Airport picking up my father, then taking him and the rest of the family to the Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships this weekend and next. We’d like to stay there for the entire nine days (he will!), but unfortunately next week we have to move apartments on Wednesday, and then I start teaching again the next day. Needless to say, I’ll be too busy to write again until he leaves on the 7th of September.

Until then, please feel free to raise and discuss anything sociological, gender, advertising, K-pop, and/or athletics-related here, and sorry for not being able to complete any song translations this month. But I do have five that I’ve been working on, which I’ll put up as soon as I’m back!

Update, September 7th: I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m afraid my “comeback” with have to be pushed back to Monday the 12th. Sorry!


6 thoughts on “Open Thread #16

    1. The main offender of the alcoholism would be 2pm’s Hands Up which HASN’T been banned. It was surpising to see that S.M. The Ballad song get banned. At least SM is trying to do something to combat these rulings. A really shocking development was seeing Jewelry’s ‘One More Time’ banned (but the song is 3.5 years old)

      Another SM song went under fire for alcohol references. The words Soju and Meogeolli? had to be replaced with Espresso and Latte.


  1. (Reposting at James’s request.)

    The Guardian recently published a piece on drinking culture in China, which should sound rather familiar to readers here:

    “If I drink, it doesn’t necessarily help me get promoted. But if I don’t, it’s less likely that I will be. So I must drink, even if it’s not pleasant at all,” Chi explains. “People want to show they are forthright and try to get along with others … It’s very normal to get an order to drink from bosses.”


  2. Hi everyone

    Here’s a link to a blog I wrote on my thoughts on a teacher in the UK who also does porn and societies feelings about sex in relation to children. It’s not about East Asia but I hope someone will read it because I’d love to here more thoughts about it, and know whether my thoughts are actually that controversial.

    (Please feel free to ignore the other posts, nothing interesting there, Although the Green Giant one is about gender in advertising.)


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