Korean Photoshop Disaster #9: Soju Goggles (Updated)


Pondering questions about excessive photoshopping in ads for a radio interview I’ll be doing next week, yesterday I would have said that Koreans are so accepting, even welcoming of it, that unfortunately little surprises me anymore.

Then I saw the alien that has replaced Lee Da-hae (이다해) on Charm Soju’s (참소주) website

Update – Thanks to Paul Kerry for drawing my attention to these further examples, also available on the website:

Paul at least has seen them in a restaurant (example here), and Lee Da-hae’s endorsement deal also produced a lot of Korean news reports and blog entries back in September, so they’re certainly out there. Unfortunately though, I’ve been searching in vain for any mention of the Photoshopping in them. As they say, the silence is deafening!

19 thoughts on “Korean Photoshop Disaster #9: Soju Goggles (Updated)

    1. Indeed. It’s especially ironic considering that it’s the first thing most hetero guys look for in an ad (well, after the face I guess), and accordingly Photoshop is usually used to give greater definition to that area.

      In fairness, technically the homepage has a slightly different version, with a much more realistic face. But, alas, still with the incredible melting chest though!


        1. I believe you.
          This is downright creepy.
          How anyone can look at the posters and think it’s pretty or inviting, is beyond me.


  1. don’t the people who publish/make these picture realize just how impossibly bad it is? One cannot seriously look at the picture and say:”yeah, she looks pretty on these. good job!” or can one?
    I know photoshop newbies who can do a better job or at least less disastrous.


  2. I love how overly inflated her butt is in the last one. The others took me a bit to figure exactly why it was so odd looking–and I think it has to do with proportions. The first one has an over elongated shoulder. and the other one…the dimensions between her front and her back don’t quite measure up right. (In addition to the boneless/melted skin look which is creepy enough by itself)


  3. please stop trying forceing your western eastethic ‘values’ to us. we do’nt have a same idea of ‘bauetiful’ what is. we like this. she is korea’s bauetiful girl.


    1. I love this idea that we are forcing Western ideals, when Korean culture has obliterated all the “Asian-ness” out of this girl. Where are her Korean facial features??


      1. I’m Korean, but when did not having shoulder blades become a hallmark of Asian beauty? Someone please explain this *rollseyes*


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