“A Korean Nip and Tuck to Look Like a Film Star”

A recent short BBC video about Korean medical tourism, focusing on East Asians coming to Korea to look like their favorite Hallyu stars.

Fellow old-timers may be reminded of this similar story from 2004, about Korean women asking cosmetic surgeons to give them Lee Hyori’s butt, and so on.

9 thoughts on ““A Korean Nip and Tuck to Look Like a Film Star”

  1. The “fat face” in her mid 20’s will get a fat face again won’t she? That doctor has set her up to be a regular lipo cheek patient very early in life. Cha Ching!!!


  2. The Westernization of Asian women/men isn’t a new phenomenon. Only the techniques for change have improved. During the Jazz Age of the 20’s the Flapper look took hold among the elites of Chinese society, complete with bobbed hair and slinky skirts. Now, the boom of cosmetic surgery Asian countries including Korea is just part of the grand evolution that happened in one civilization.


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