Quick Hit: The Grand Narrative in 2012


Sorry for the slow posting everyone, but my daughters are off this week, and indeed one’s even sitting on my shoulders as I type this (“Whee! Happy woman Daddy! Why’s she smile?”). I’ll start writing again once they return to kindergarten next week.

When I do, every week from then to the end of the year I’ll be posting longer analytical pieces on Mondays, the Korean Gender Reader on Wednesdays, and translations on Fridays, either of K-pop songs or (more likely) gender issues-related news that would otherwise never see the light of day in English. I realize I have a terrible track-record of posting when I say I will, but hey – it is a new year after all, and for a variety of personal and professional reasons I’d really like to stick to my commitment this time.

If anyone would like to help me with that, I’d very much appreciate any donations via the “donate” button at the end of every post, no matter how small. Don’t worry, I won’t be making a habit of asking, and in fact will make the request just two more times this year: when my $17 domain renewal comes up in March, and my $30 no-advertisements renewal does in August. But it’d be really nice if I could break even with those at least! :)

5 thoughts on “Quick Hit: The Grand Narrative in 2012

    1. Truth be told, I’m so used to having them come in and out of my “study” and climb all over me that I’ll often be typing for several minutes before realizing that Elizabeth(3) has been sitting on my shoulders the entire time (seriously; Alice{5} is much too heavy not to notice though). Unfortunately from a blogging perspective however, she’s no longer content just to quickly enjoy the view and then bugger off to watch Little Einsteins.


  1. Hello Mr.Turnbull

    My name is Young-il Choi. and I’m a high school senior.

    I found here while looking for some information of my essay – what causes Korean students to study hard.

    Though there are some opinions which I don’t agree with as Korean, I think your thoughts are pretty true.

    I’m glad to find your site :D


  2. Well, what I can do for you is translate some Korean articles or lyrics into English..but as a poor uni student I think that would be about it..sorry..


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