Korean Gender Reader

(Source: Joseph Senior, via Visual News)

Just some quick links this week sorry, I’m very busy working on what feels like a dozen blog posts and offline articles at the moment!

Recent controversial events in K-pop (My First Love Story)

WTF Moment: Teen Top’s C.A.P and his jokes about domestic violence (Seoulbeats; see Feminoonas for updates)

Iron Butterfly: memoir of a female Kuk Sool Won master (BBC News)

Gay in Korea: foreign female perspective and foreign male perspective (Expatkerri)

Sejong move splits families, hits female civil servants’ marriage prospects (Korea Joongang Daily)

Portion of unmarried 30-something men growing, becoming social problem (Hankyoreh)

Number of elementary school students in Seoul falls 30% in 10 years (Korea Times, via Gusts of Popular Feeling; see The Marmot’s Hole also for more on Korean demographics)

Unemployed middle-aged men ostracized by their families (Chosunilbo)

• “In 2010, only 8.7% of working mothers in South Korea took maternity leave” (Hankyoreh)

The importance of women for the future of Korea (Korea: Circles and Squares. And after reading that, make sure to check out this revealing photo too!)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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