Korean Gender Reader


KARA becomes the first girl-group to be made into figure dolls (Allkpop)

Women’s rise reshaping society (The Korea Herald) vs. For Korean women, glass ceiling is more like concrete (The Korea Times)

A positive class discussion of the latest blackface incident on MBC (Gord Sellar)

Average wedding costs in South Korea (Roboseyo)

Sex education for all US soldiers in Korea? (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Pregnant women getting more money? (The Waygook Effect)

Blaming the victim? Most sex crimes happen on Seoul’s Line 2 because “many women commute to the Gangnam region and they wear relatively low-cut dresses and short skirts” (The Chosun Ilbo; also see As the Burndog Turns)

Korea’s new adoption law is horrible (Roboseyo)

Modelling bikinis in a Korean drama (Noona Blog: Seoul)

Anti-bride wedding ideas shot down by mom (Shanghai Shiok)

Foreign wives falling prey to loansharks after divorce (Asian Correspondent)

Girls are not for sale (Groove Korea)

Anger at photos of male politicians looking at porn and sleeping in National Assembly building (Global Voices)

Oh Sister, where art thou?: Why bromance trumps sisterhood in K-dramas (Seoulbeats)

Bump N CENSORED: A look at dance in K-Pop (Allkpop)

Joseon women and money (The Jeju Weekly)

After School’s “A little deeper, shake me around, make me tingle” lyrics deemed not harmful for teenagers (Soompi)

Update: After School’s Bangkok City judged not to encourage youths to work in houses of ill-repute either (Enewsworld)

Coverage of Chinese political conference comes in form of “beautiful female journalists” slideshow (The Jane Dough)

Seeking Asian Female, a documentary about men who specifically seek out Asian women (Twitch Film; via @GlobalAsianista)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

4 thoughts on “Korean Gender Reader

  1. Why is korea one of the biggest places for human trafficking and prostitution? Because most politicans ignore this problem more or less? I´ve searched the web, but I don´t find any clear answer :-/


  2. That picture of those dolls is just *creepy*.
    On another note I kind of want to see the Seeking Asian Female documentary. Well, more than kind of but I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity in the near future.


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