Help Sought for Pregnant Rape Victim — Update

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Last month, a reader emailed asking for help and information about in-vitro paternity testing, after his wife was raped and became pregnant while they were already trying to have a baby. With his permission, I’m very happy to pass on the following update:

…We got the test results back today and the baby is ours. We are naturally overjoyed.

If, god forbid, you get a similar question from a reader in the future, I can report that Paternity Testing Corporation (PTC), recommended by commenter Maria, came through for us. I would insist that a third party be a go-between between the victim and the company though (or at least the Japan branch) because they don’t seem to be used to dealing directly with victims, and can come across as insensitive. Also they’re not a travel agent, and people should make sure they know what clinic they’re going to and how to get there. We almost missed our chance to get the test done because we didn’t realize the clinic was actually in a neighboring province that took two hours to get to from Tokyo.

The strange thing is, the company says they are opening a branch soon in Seoul, after we were told several times that in-vitro paternity testing is completely forbidden in Korea. So I wonder if the roadblocks we were running into in Korea were more about the people not really knowing the answers to our questions and trying to save face.

Or maybe PTC will be focusing on paternity testing of young children and not doing any in-vitro testing. Who knows…

James — and later in his email, he again thanks Maria especially for directing his wife and him to PTC, and to all the other commenters for their help and support!

5 thoughts on “Help Sought for Pregnant Rape Victim — Update

  1. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Anonymous. It’s nice to hear that this issue will be resolved happily. Good luck to both of you.
    Separately, I hope you two are able to resolve the problems associated with your wife’s attack.


  2. I’m so happy to hear this new Anons! And Ms. Anon, I hope that you can get the support and help necessary to deal with the attack. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy.


  3. I am so overjoyed that you were able to get the test done and that the baby is indeed yours. I pray that you will both be able to fully emotionally recover from what has happened and that your family will be happy and healthy. Congratulations on the good news!


  4. Phew, i was hoping for an happy end, but not really holding my breath.

    But I’m glad they finally got some good news!



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