TGN Meetup in Seoul, Saturday September 22nd


Yes — I’m happy to announce that next Saturday, I’ll be coming up to Seoul for an interview by Nele Hecht, a German documentary-maker based in the UK, when I’ll talk about things like S-lines and the appalling photoshopping in that poster. And, as I so rarely get the chance to come to Seoul (the last time was last summer, also for an interview), it would be great to make most of the opportunity and meet old and new TGN fans while I’m there too.

The plan is, we’ll all meet at Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁; at the center of this map), exit 3, and take it from there (the time hasn’t been decided yet; probably 5 or 6 Update: it’s 6). If by any chance you miss us or want to join later, just email or tweet me. Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, here is a short bio of Nele Hecht, who will hopefully also be joining us:

Nele Hecht is a German filmmaker working in the UK. She has made several short films, trailers for books and music videos. She is currently working on a documentary about gender identification.

The documentary will be following few individuals and investigate their struggle with the traditionally set norms of gender. Simultaneously it will feature different voices discussing the issue from various angles, particularly the role of feminism in regards to gender perception.

The aim is to stress and support the individual interpretation of gender, challenge traditional perceptions of male and female roles and portrait a picture of a diverse society outside those boundaries.

This documentary is independently funded. Seoul is the start of the filming progress, which will carry on in London and Berlin.

As it’s independently funded, that means I’ll be paying my own way (about 180,000 won all up), so let me again remind readers (for just the second — and final!— time this year) that any donations towards that, or running the blog in general, are much appreciated, no matter how small. Forgive me for asking, and of course I’ll still come regardless, but unfortunately the reality is that only one person (thank you!) has clicked on those donate buttons since I last asked in April!

(For the record, I’ve received about $190 in donations so far this year, minus Paypal commissions)

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