Open Thread: Flashback by After School

Just a quick note to let you know that in addition to my regular feature articles at Busan Haps, I now have a K-pop music column too. See page 41 of the latest issue here (scroll down to “current issue”) for my first review of After School’s Flashback, before it’s replaced next week with my second of Secret’s Poison in the October edition.

At just 200 words though (thank God for mini-albums!), unfortunately it’s difficult to say much more than the bare minimum.  So, please feel free to add any rants or raves here, and, to get the ball rolling, I think that Eyeliner is much better than the title track, and singer Nana vastly underrated by most other reviewers. But, since first writing, I’m beginning to see what people mean about Rania and Jungah complimenting each other in Timeless too, although the song itself still leaves me feeling rather empty.

Here’s all the songs in the mini-album (and the Japanese version of Rip Off), in the order I mention them in the review:


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