JangHeung Area Children’s Center Needs New Classrooms

123I’ve been asked to pass on the following:

What are these?

These are pictures of classroom areas at the JangHeung Area Children’s Center, located in JangHeung Eup of JangHeung County, Jeollanamdo. Our Center serves 61 children from one of the 5 poorest counties in Korea. Currently we have 3 classrooms at our center. 2 are one-room classroom buildings. That is what you see above. One of the classroom buildings is 100% unusable, the 2nd classroom building is not good either.

Our Center operates on an educational budget of less than 1,200,000w per month, less than 20,000w per child. Our total budget is less than 80,000w per month for each child. This is less than 50% of the tuition for any one hagwon that I am familiar with.

All of the children in our program come to us through the local welfare office. As you might imagine finances are tight and we don’t have money for extra things. That includes replacing our 2 classroom buildings. To continue our mission of providing a quality education for the children in our program it is imperative that we acquire the necessary funds to meet this essential need and provide safe, usable classroom space for our children. We need your help to do that.

For More Information about us please visit our facebook group at JangHeung Area Children’s Center. Please join us today.

To make a donation of 20,000w, 30,000w, or 50,000w please send bank transfer to:

NongHyup Bank 657-01-074288      Fundraising Goal: 12,000,000w

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