Korean Gender Reader, Feb. 16-22

Scared Shocked Man(Source: unknown)

Sorry for the lack of posts — the one I’m working on is proving much more involved (and several thousand more words!) than I expected. But I will have it up early sometime next week, and will try to make it worth the wait :)


Legal NGO Filing Complaint with UN Regarding E2 HIV Testing: Your input needed! (Expat Hell; Gusts of Popular Feeling)

Casting call for an independent short film, Seoul, Sunday February 24 (Seoul Players)


3 Sisters Left Abandoned in the Basement (Human Rights Monitor)

Ask the Yangxifu: Why Your Chinese Wedding Ceremony Will Always Be Big, Fat and Loud (Speaking of China)

CathyCat tries to sell their product by making miss A’s Fei look like CGI (Asian Junkie)

Queer Links from the Week (The Kimchi Queen)

HIV/AIDS Increasing in Osaka (Visual Anthropology of Japan)


Why do Asian women have smaller breasts? (The New York Times; Netizen Buzz)

As Families Change, Korea’s Elderly Are Turning to Suicide (The New York Times; Korea Economic Reader)

Do some Korean fans of K-pop purposefully keep information from overseas ones? (Angry K-Pop Fan)

How can Korea provide better child care? (The Korea Herald)

Koreans finding noisy neighbours harder to handle (The Korea Times; Global Voices)


(Video) Korea Today: The Economist Sues Korean Hagwon (Arirang TV)

Singapore’s Population Debate Grows Heated (The Diplomat)

Japanese dual surname law has more opponents (The Daily Yomiuri)

Wuhan student’s same-sex love story a hit on Youku (Want China Times)

Korean lawmaker who exposed Samsung corruption forced from office (The Verge; The Marmot’s Hole)


Are foreign English teachers in Korea foreigners, expats, guest workers, or immigrants? (I’m No Picasso; update)

Korean Work Ethic and the Quality of Life (My Musings)

Seven-year-old Park Min Ha has an anti-cafe, which means we’ve reached a new low (Asian Junkie)

On Bainian — Chinese New Year’s Calls — And Those Annoying Questions From Relatives (Speaking of China)

Sunny (2008): Representations of Militarism, Masculinity, and the Korean Experience of the Vietnam War (Peace and Conflict Monitor)


Park Si Hoo accused of sexual assault, netizens reveal ugly double standard (Asian Junkie; Update 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Say Goodbye to the Wonder Years: Leaving K-Pop Behind (The One Shots)

Film documents the troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars (The Tokyo Reporter)

Suggestions For The Future: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition (Racialicous)

Korean retirees make pittance delivering things via free subway trips (Arari)


China’s ‘leftover women’, unmarried at 27 (BBC)

Roundtable: Can’t Resist the Aegyo (Seoulbeats)

Female lawmakers emerging in South Korea (The Asahi Shimbun)

In Defense of (Korean) Hazing (Sorry, I was drunk)

2012 drug crime statistics (Gusts of Popular Feeling)


[ASK AKF] K-pop fanart and fanfiction (Angry K-Pop Fan)

Prostitution in Korea: Disturbing public order vs. earning A living (Human Rights Monitor)

Incorrect statistics portray Americans and Canadians as more prone to criminality (Gusts of Popular Feeling)

There IS life after girl-group failure (Netizen Buzz)

Something to appreciate: Korean rap is not more sexist, more profanity-ridden, homophobic, or full of hate than other Korean music (Footnotes)

(Links are not necessarily endorsements)

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