Is too Much Study Indoors Destroying Students’ Vision?

Busan Haps James TurnbullIn a word, yes.

To find out why 9 out of 10 Korean students require glasses, compared to only 2 out of 10 in the UK, check out my latest article for Busan Haps.

6 thoughts on “Is too Much Study Indoors Destroying Students’ Vision?

  1. That’s a great article! I’m glad to see that someone out there is fighting against the tide. As you mentioned, it’s unlikely to change any Korean minds–let alone policies. Nonetheless, if you want to change something, raising awareness is an important part of the process. I remember discussing the hagwon issue with my (college) students on several occasions, and the usual response was a resigned “but how else can you get into university and find a good job?” which is especially ironic given the disconnect between the former and the latter these days.


  2. Have you read Paul Tough’s “How Children Succeed”. It’s not just important take you kids outside for medical reasons, but also for developmental reasons. Nurturing your young kids, according to Tough, provides emotional and real physical means to tackle adversity later in life, as opposed to the school that favors ignoring your crying infant, for instance. Nurtured children tend to be more resilient later in life. So, props for saving their eyesight, but don’t forget about the kids’ character.


    1. I haven’t, but rest assured you’re preaching to the converted.

      And besides which, even if I wasn’t convinced, my kids are like dogs — noisy, demanding of constant attention, and needing to be walked each day…


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