Imminent Quarterly: Submissions now open!

Imminent QuarterlyPaul Valery wrote of feeling in imminent danger of poetry. IQ seeks to find those works from English language writers, artists and creators in South Korea which make us feel just that – the imminent danger of a work. We hope to gather up the bits of what is imminent in our community, and put them together in one space to share.

The editors of IQ have all lived in S. Korea for a number of years, and coming from creative backgrounds, have sorely missed a space to go to in order to share and consume exciting new work. We believe in the creative community of English speakers in S. Korea, and want to create a space to encourage interaction and exchange.

IQ publishes poetry, fiction, lyrical works of nonfiction and just about any kind of art. The journal is also seeking reviews and interviews relating to the arts. The website will go live with contributions in early August.

IQ’s main website is:

We can be ‘liked’ on Facebook here:

And followed on Twitter here:

And on Tumblr, here:

The editor can be reached at Guidelines for submissions can be found on the main site.

Please submit. Please enjoy.

James — Posted for a friend. Please also note that “IQ is not limited to foreign writers and artists in South Korea, only. The theme is not (necessarily) foreign or Korean. Korean artists working in English are more than welcome, as are artists from every nationality living within South Korea.”

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